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Keywords:Banks and banking - History 

A survey of the origins and purposes of deposit protection programs

Research Paper , Paper 9034

The American origin of the separation of banking and commerce

Research Paper , Paper 9309

Working Paper
Regulation and bank failures: new evidence from the agricultural collapse of the 1920's

This article examines the contribution of government policies to the high number of bank failures in the United States during the l920s. I consider the state of Kansas, which had a system of voluntary deposit insurance and where branch banking was strictly prohibited, and find that bank failure rates were highest in counties suffering the greatest agricultural distress and where deposit insurance system membership was the highest. The evidence for Kansas illustrates how prohibitions on branch banking caused unit banks to be especially susceptible to local economic shocks, and suggests that, ...
Working Papers , Paper 1991-006

Working Paper
The slack banker dances: deposit insurance and risk-taking in the banking collapse of the 1920s

This paper studies the effects of deposit insurance on bank behavior using individual bank data from Kansas in the 1920s. Kansas banks were severely stressed by the collapse of agricultural prices in 1920 and resulting increase in farm mortgage defaults. Because membership in the state deposit insurance system was voluntary, it is possible to compare the behavior of insured and non-insured banks facing similar exogenous circumstances. We find that deposit insurance encouraged excessive risk-taking, which helps to explain the comparatively high failure rate of insured banks. The deposit ...
Working Papers , Paper 1992-002

Working Paper
Contagious bank runs in the free banking period

In the free banking period in the United States, banks issued private banknotes without discretionary restriction of entry into banking. Previous research suggests that specific aspects of the free banking laws account for banks' difficulties, losses to noteholders, and the attendant relatively large number of banks closed. In this paper, we examine the hypothesis that contagious is: 1. the actual sequence of events in two episodes in which numerous banks closed; and 2. a statistical analysis of four episodes. The evidence is consistent with the hypothesis that contagious bank runs account of ...
Working Papers , Paper 1989-002

Conference Paper
Taking a new look at some old banking lessons

Proceedings , Paper 238

Risks and failures in banking: overview, history, and evaluation

Staff Memoranda , Paper 86-1

Banking risk in historical perspective

A speech given at the Conference on Bank Structure and Competition, May 15, 1986
Staff Memoranda , Paper 86-3

Conference Paper
The competitive impact of foreign commercial banks in the United States




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