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Keywords:Banks and banking - History 

Journal Article
Banking systems and economic growth: lessons from Britain and Germany in the pre-World War I era

Review , Issue May , Pages 37-48

Journal Article
Did the Fed's founding improve the efficiency of the U.S. payments system? - commentary

Review , Issue May , Pages 143-150

Conference Paper
The big bust: the 1930-33 banking collapse -- its causes, its lessons

Proceedings , Paper 100

Working Paper
Do vulnerable economies need deposit insurance?: lessons from the U.S. agricultural boom and bust of 1920s

Working Paper Series, Issues in Financial Regulation , Paper 89-18

Journal Article
When suspension of payments proves to be beneficial

Financial Update , Volume 9 , Issue Jul , Pages 6

The branch banking boom in Illinois: a byproduct of restrictive branching laws

What?s behind the boom in bank branches across Illinois, particularly in Chicago? The authors explore the history of branch banking within the state and across the nation to help explain this recent trend and discuss its future implications.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue May

Interest rates under the U.S. national banking system

According to previous studies, the demand-liability feature of national bank notes did not present a problem for note-issuing banks because the nonbank public treated notes and other currency as perfect substitutes. However, that view, when combined with nonbindingness of the collateral restriction against note issue, itself an implication of the fact that some eligible collateral was not used for that purpose, implies that the safe short-term interest rate is pegged at the tax rate on note circulation. Since evidence on short-term interest rates is inconsistent with such a peg, that view ...
Staff Report , Paper 161

Journal Article
Top of the Ninth: the fate of the banking industry

Summary of Gary H. Stern?s testimony before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs
The Region , Issue Sep

Journal Article
Were banks special intermediaries in late nineteenth century America? commentary

Review , Issue May , Pages 33-36



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