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Keywords:Banks and banking, Foreign - United States 

Journal Article
A perspective on the globalization of financial markets and institutions

Quarterly Review , Volume 12 , Issue Spr , Pages 1-9

Journal Article
Remarks on economic, supervisory, and regulatory issues facing foreign banks operating in the United States

Remarks before the Comptroller of the Currency Conference on "Foreign Banks in the United States: Economic, Supervisory, and Regulatory Issues," Washington, D.C., July 13, 1995.
Economic Policy Review , Volume 1 , Issue Oct , Pages 1-5

Journal Article
Difficult times for Japanese agencies and branches

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
International banking, risk, and U.S. regulatory policies

Economic Review , Issue Fall , Pages 36-43

Conference Paper
Expanding bank powers: international perspectives

Proceedings , Paper 146

Foreign banks, profits and commercial credit extension in the United States

This paper simultaneously models the determinants of foreign bank profitability and commercial credit extension in the United States between 11987 and 1991. Overall, the results indicate that supply-side factors such as capital strength, commercial and industrial loan growth, and assets composition were important factors in determining foreign banks' return-on-assets in the period under study. Capital strength stands out as being the most important factor influencing foreign bank return on shareholders equity. U.S. demand also appeared to be important in determining foreign bank performance ...
Research Paper , Paper 9628

Journal Article
Foreign Bank Act

FRBSF Economic Letter

Profitability of foreign banks in the United States

Research Paper , Paper 9225

Journal Article
NAFTA and U.S. banking

FRBSF Economic Letter


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