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Keywords:Banks and banking 

Journal Article
Financial modernization, the FHLB and agricultural banks

Fedgazette , Volume 12 , Issue Oct , Pages 16-17

Journal Article
Are banks really dying this time?

An update of Boyd and Gertler.
The Region , Volume 21 , Issue Sep , Pages 6-9, 42-51

Compositional dynamics and the performance of the U.S. banking industry

As the U.S. banking industry continuously evolves, changes in industry composition have a direct impact on the aggregate performance of the industry. This paper presents a new decomposition framework for commercial banks and shows that both firm-level changes and dynamic reallocation effects--due to increased market share of successful banks, exit of poor performers, and new entrants--made substantial contributions to changes in profitability and capitalization of the U.S. banking industry from 1976 to 1998. In periods of declining profits, these reallocations were particularly important, ...
Staff Reports , Paper 98

Three decades of financial sector risk

This paper examines the evolution of risk in the U.S. financial sector using firm-level equity market data from 1975 to 2005. Over this period, financial sector volatility has steadily increased, reaching extraordinary levels from 1998 to 2002. Much of this recent turbulence can be attributed to a series of major financial shocks, and we find evidence of an upward trend in volatility only for the common component that affects the entire financial sector. While idiosyncratic volatility remains dominant, a combination of common shocks, deregulation, and diversification has reduced its relative ...
Staff Reports , Paper 248

Journal Article
Antitrust analysis in banking : goals, methods, and justifications in a changed environment

During recent decades banking markets have changed considerably. Nevertheless, banking antitrust analysis continues to follow the same basic philosophy laid down 40 years ago by the Supreme Court. Does the change in banking markets imply the need to alter antitrust analysis in banking? This article reviews the methods of antitrust analysis and discusses justifications for them. The article concludes that the means of analysis continues to make sense regardless of a changed environment.
Economic Quarterly , Volume 94 , Issue Win , Pages 45-72

Journal Article
Regulations affecting competition between banks and thrift institutions in the Fifth District

An abstract for this article is not available
Economic Review , Volume 62 , Issue May , Pages 14-18

Journal Article
Commercial banks and the central bank in a market economy

Economic Review , Volume 74 , Issue Nov , Pages 3-12

Journal Article
The decline in core deposits : what can banks do?

In recent years, growth in traditional deposit funding sources has failed to match the growth in assets at many banks. These funding shortfalls are raising a number of important concerns, including whether community banks will have to curtail lending to small businesses, farmers, and other local customers. This article takes a look at bank funding trends and their implications for community banks. The article also examines possible explanations for the trends, such as strong loan demand, shifts in household financial portfolios, new competition, comparative returns on other financial ...
Financial Industry Perspectives , Issue Dec , Pages 35-48

Journal Article
Financial modernization and banking theories

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