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Keywords:Banking structure 

Conference Paper
Bank structure and competition and pending legislation

Proceedings , Paper 484

Conference Paper
Bank management structure obsolescence

Proceedings , Paper 489

Working Paper
Private money and banking regulation

We show that a competitive banking system is inconsistent with an optimum quantity of private money. Because bankers cannot commit to their promises and the composition of their assets is not publicly observable, a positive franchise value is required to induce the full convertibility of bank liabilities. Under perfect competition, a positive franchise value can be obtained only if the return on bank liabilities is sufficiently low, which imposes a cost on those who hold these liabilities for transaction purposes. If the banking system is monopolistic, then an efficient allocation is ...
Working Papers , Paper 15-19

Conference Paper
The first law of restructuring

Proceedings , Paper 183

Conference Paper
Real effects of bank competition

Does banking market power contribute to the formation of nonfinancial industries populated by few, large firms, or does it instead enhance industry entry? Theoretical arguments could be made to support either side.

Journal Article
Changes in the distribution of banking offices

The past twenty years have been marked by major structural and regulatory changes in the banking industry. This article explores the relationships between these changes and the distribution of "brick and mortar" banking offices between 1975 and 1995. The analysis explores how population shifts, deregulation, and mergers, acquisitions, and failures may have influenced changes in the number and location of banking offices. Special attention is given to changes in banking office distributions across neighborhoods grouped by the median income of their residents and their central city, suburban, ...
Federal Reserve Bulletin , Volume 83 , Issue Sep

Journal Article
25th conference on bank structure and competition

Economic Perspectives , Volume 13 , Issue Sep

Conference Paper
Banking market structure, firm transparency and their effect on the smallest of small businesses

Proceedings , Paper 1023

Conference Paper
Adverse selection, market structure, and competitive pricing in bank lending

Proceedings , Paper 625



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