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Journal Article
Statement to Congress, May 18, 1995(H.R. 1362, Financial Institutions Regulatory Relief Act of 1995)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jul , Pages 679-683

Conference Paper
A bank regulator's view of retail lending

Proceedings , Paper 988

Working Paper
Deregulation and the relationship between bank CEO compensation and risk taking

The deregulation of the banking industry during the 1990s provides a natural (public policy) experiment for investigating how firms adjust their executive compensation contracts as the environment in which they operate becomes relatively more competitive. Using the Riegle-Neal Act of 1994 as a focal point, we investigate how banks changed the equity-based component of bank CEO compensation contracts. We also examine the relationships between equity- based compensation and risk, capital structure, and investment opportunity set. Consistent with theoretical predictions, we find that after ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-03-32

Journal Article
Fed offers guidance on supervising financial holding companies

Financial Update , Volume 13 , Issue Oct , Pages 3

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, February 2, 1988 (review of recent developments in the financial markets)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Apr

Journal Article
Innovation and regulation of banks in the 1990s

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Dec , Pages 784-787

Bank supervision and central banking: understanding credit during a time of financial turmoil.

Presented by Eric S. Rosengren, President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, for the Bank of Korea and Bank for International Settlements Seminar, Household Debt: Implications for Monetary Policy and Financial Stability, Seoul, Korea, March 27, 2008
Speech , Paper 11

Journal Article
Deposit insurance reform

In the cover story, find out why some bankers are encouraging Congress to raise the ceiling for insurance on deposits to $130,000 from $100,000 per account. Opponents point out that in the wake of the last increase, the S&L crisis occurred.
The Regional Economist , Issue Oct. , Pages 4-9

Journal Article
Safe and sound banking twenty years later: what was proposed and what has been adopted

This article assesses the extent to which changes in public policy regarding depository institutions have aligned with the recommendations made twenty years ago in Perspectives on Safe and Sound Banking (Benston et al. 1986). Several legislative initiatives and bank regulatory and supervisory changes during the past two decades have been in keeping with Benston and his coauthors' recommendations and analyses. But other recommendations in the book have not been followed, and some proposals the book rejected have been enacted through legislation or regulation. ; The article focuses in turn on ...
Economic Review , Issue Q1-2 , Pages 1 - 23

Conference Paper
The role of subordinated debt in bank safety and soundness regulation

Proceedings , Paper 673



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