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Working Paper
The major supervisory initiatives post-FDICIA: Are they based on the goals of PCA? Should they be?

The prompt corrective action provisions in FDICIA 1991 provide the supervisors with an unambiguous goal: "to resolve the problems of insured depository institutions at the least possible long-term cost to the deposit insurance fund." Yet performance of the regulators in achieving this goal has been lacking in that substantial losses continue to be imposed on the insurance funds when banks fail. Is PCA misguided, or are there incentive defects in the law and how the requirements are being administered? This paper analyzes these issues in the context of recent proposals to reform the deposit ...
FRB Atlanta Working Paper , Paper 2002-31

Journal Article
Are the causes of bank distress changing? can researchers keep up?

Since 1990, the banking sector has experienced enormous legislative, technological, and financial changes, yet research into the causes of bank distress has slowed. One consequence is that traditional supervisory surveillance models may not capture important risks inherent in the current banking environment. After reviewing the history of these models, the authors provide empirical evidence that the characteristics of failing banks have changed in the past ten years and argue that the time is right for new research that employs new empirical techniques. In particular, dynamic models that use ...
Review , Volume 88 , Issue Jan , Pages 57-80

Journal Article
Between a rock and a hard place: the CRA-safety and soundness pinch

A statistical model of regulatory exam ratings provides evidence of conflict between Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) objectives, on one side, and safety and soundness standards, on the other. In his analysis of supervisory goals, Jeff Gunther finds that concentrating bank assets in loans and managing capital at relatively low levels tend to help CRA ratings while hurting CAMEL ratings. Also, banks with financial problems are more likely to receive substandard CRA ratings, even though a shift in resources away from CRA objectives may be necessary to facilitate financial recovery. These ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Q II , Pages 32-41

Working Paper
A spatial analysis of state banking regulation

We use a spatial model to investigate a state?s choice of branch banking and interstate banking regimes as a function of the regime choices made by other states and other variables suggested in the literature. We extend the basic spatial econometric model by allowing spatial dependence to vary by geographic region. Our findings reveal that spatial effects have a large, statistically significant impact on state regulatory regime decisions. The importance of spatial correlation in the setting of state banking policies suggests the need to consider spatial effects in empirical models of state ...
Working Papers , Paper 2003-044

Journal Article
Supervising bank safety and soundness: some open issues

This article identifies underresearched and/or underappreciated issues that affect bank safety and soundness or financial system stability. The author begins by discussing the goals of safety and soundness supervision and then focuses on seven imperfectly understood, and often intertwined, issues: credit rating agencies; the combination of banking and commerce; nationwide depositor preference and the distribution of liability-holders' risk exposures; systemic risk; capital adequacy; market discipline; and credible resolution procedures for the failure of large financial firms. Many of these ...
Economic Review , Issue Q1-2 , Pages 83 - 100

Conference Paper
Prepared discussant comments

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 37 , Pages 131-146

Conference Paper
Taking care with capital rules: why getting them right matters so much

Proceedings , Paper 820

Journal Article
Choices in banking policy

Economic Quarterly , Issue Spr , Pages 1-9

Journal Article
Financial development, productivity, and economic growth

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
The death of a bank: assuring an orderly transition

Special issue on problem banks
Financial Industry Perspectives



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