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Keywords:Bank size 

Conference Paper
Public policy toward interstate bank mergers: the case of concern

Proceedings , Paper 133

Journal Article
Bank size and innovation: larger not necessarily faster

Southeastern Economic Insight , Issue May 1 , Pages 1, 4

Conference Paper
Succeeding with size: maintaining growth in large banks

Proceedings , Paper 931

Journal Article
On the size distribution of banks

Economic Quarterly , Issue Fall , Pages 1-25

Diversification, size, and risk at bank holding companies

This paper shows that large BHCs are better diversified than small BHCs based on market measures of diversification. We find, however, that better diversification does not translate into reductions in overall risk. The risk reducing potential of diversification at large BHCs is offset by their lower capital ratios, larger C&I loan portfolios, and greater use of derivatives. Our results suggest that asset growth should enhance diversification but that the effects on risk will depend on the extent to which growth is accompanied by changes in portfolio attributes. Using data from 1980 to 1993, ...
Research Paper , Paper 9506

Journal Article
Drive to efficiency leaves smallest banks behind

With higher overhead costs and lower fee income, small banks are in serious danger of getting lapped by their larger competitors. Can community banks find a way to stay on the track?
The Regional Economist , Issue Jul , Pages 12-13

Working Paper
Size, charter value and risk in banking: an international perspective

This paper documents the relationships between bank size and measures of charter value and insolvency risk in a sample of publicly traded banks in 21 industrialized countries for the 1988-1998 period. With the exception of small U.S. bank holding companies, charter values decrease in size and insolvency risk increases in size for most banks in the countries considered. Size-related diversification benefits and/or economies of scale in intermediation are either absent or, if they exist, are more than offset by banks' higher risk taking. Furthermore, banks operating in countries with more ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 689

Journal Article
Concentration and innovation: striking a balance in deregulation

Economic Review , Issue Jan , Pages 11-20

Journal Article
The evolving size distribution of banks

If limiting the size of large banks were considered appropriate to reduce systemic risk, it would be a clear change of direction relative to the long-term evolution of the industry.
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