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Working Paper
The effect of changes in reserve requirements on investment and GNP

This paper provides evidence on the importance of the credit channel in the transmission of monetary policy. Changes in reserve requirements are used to measure "credit shocks." Reserve requirement changes are often made for regulatory reasons, and hence provide a more exogenous measure of credit shocks than the measures used in previous tests. To distinguish between the "money" and "credit" channels, the significance of the reserve requirements variable is studied in an empirical model that includes other monetary aggregates (either the monetary base or M1). We find that an ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 471

Discussion Paper
The behavior of short-term interest rates in a rational banking model

Special Studies Papers , Paper 219

Journal Article
Retail sweep programs and money demand

Monetary Trends , Issue Nov

Working Paper

We propose a tractable model of the demand for reserves under nonlinear remuneration schemes that can encompass quota systems and voluntary reserve target frameworks, among other possibilities. We show how such remuneration schemes have several favorable properties regarding interest-rate control by the central bank. In particular, wider tolerance bands can reduce rate volatility due to variations in the supply of reserves, both large and small, although they may curtail trading in the interbank market.
Working Papers , Paper 16-35

Precautionary reserves and the interbank market

Liquidity hoarding by banks and extreme volatility of the fed funds rate have been widely seen as severely disrupting the interbank market and the broader financial system during the 2007-08 financial crisis. Using data on intraday account balances held by banks at the Federal Reserve and Fedwire interbank transactions to estimate all overnight fed funds trades, we present empirical evidence on banks' precautionary hoarding of reserves, their reluctance to lend, and extreme fed funds rate volatility. We develop a model with credit and liquidity frictions in the interbank market consistent ...
Staff Reports , Paper 370

Journal Article
Changes in amounts subject to reserve requirements

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jan , Pages 26

Working Paper
Sterilization, monetary policy, and global financial integration

This paper investigates the changing pattern and efficacy of sterilization within emerging market countries as they liberalize markets and integrate with the world economy. We estimate the marginal propensity to sterilize foreign asset accumulation associated with net balance of payments inflows, across countries and over time. We find that the extent of sterilization of foreign reserve inflows has risen in recent years to varying degrees in Asia as well as in Latin America, consistent with greater concerns about the potential inflationary impact of reserve inflows. We also find that ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2008-15

Working Paper
Are there optimal multiple reserve requirements?

A number of developing countries have adopted deficit-finance regimes involving multiple reserve requirements. One question the previous literature on this phenomenon has not addressed is whether multiple-reserves regimes can improve on regimes involving single-currency-reserve requirements if the policy settings of the latter regimes are assumed to be chosen optimally. We find that a "conventional" multiple-reserves regime--a regime with positive nominal rates on reservable bonds--cannot Pareto-improve an optimal single-currency-regime but can, in some cases, increase social welfare over ...
FRB Atlanta Working Paper , Paper 96-18

Journal Article
Increase in net transaction accounts to which a three percent reserve requirement will apply

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jan , Pages 18, 29-31



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