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Discussion Paper
Bank mergers and banking structure in the United States, 1980-98

The U.S. banking industry experienced a sustained and unprecedented merger movement from 1980 to 1998. During that period, approximately 8,000 bank mergers occurred, involving about $2.4 trillion in acquired assets. The 1990s, especially 1994-98, was a period of numerous large bank mergers, including several that were among the largest in U.S. banking history. This study describes various aspects of that bank merger activity and some of the changes in U.S. banking structure and performance that took place during 1980-98. With respect to bank merger activity, the study examines the number and ...
Staff Studies , Paper 174

Conference Paper
The effects of bank mergers and acquisitions on small business lending

Proceedings , Paper 549

Working Paper
Bank consolidation and small business lending: it's not just bank size that matters

Concern with the potential effect of bank mergers on small business lending has stemmed from a belief that larger acquirers may be less willing than their smaller targets to be active in the small business lending market. However, we find that in roughly half the commercial and savings bank mergers of the past three years, the acquirer has a larger portfolio share of small business loans than its target; moreover, the most common acquirer of small banks is another small bank. The empirical results support the hypothesis that acquirers tend to recast the target in their own image, causing ...
Working Papers , Paper 97-1

Working Paper
Target's corporate governance and bank merger payoffs

Commercial bank merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions are especially informative for analyzing the impact of differing corporate governance structures on the balance of corporate control between managers and shareholders. We exploit these special characteristics to investigate the balance of control between top-tier managers and shareholders using data from bank M&A transactions over the period 1990-2004. Unlike research on non-financial firms, the impacts of independent directors, managerial share ownership, and independent blockholders on bank merger purchase premiums in this ...
Research Working Paper , Paper RWP 07-13

Journal Article
Evaluating credit union competition in bank merger applications

Financial Update , Volume 11 , Issue Oct , Pages 1-3

Working Paper
The evolution of u.s. Community banks and its impact on small business lending

There have been increasing concerns about the declining number of community banks and that the acquisitions of community banks by larger banks might result in significant reductions in small business lending (SBL) and disrupt relationship lending. This paper examines the roles and characteristics of U.S. community banks in the past decade, covering the recent economic boom and downturn. We analyze risk characteristics (including the confidential ratings assigned by bank regulators) of acquired community banks, compare pre- and post-acquisition performance and stock market reactions to these ...
Working Papers , Paper 14-16

Journal Article
Agencies explain screening of bank acquisitions

Financial Update , Volume 8 , Issue Jan , Pages 1-3

Conference Paper
Public policy toward interstate bank mergers: the case of concern

Proceedings , Paper 133

Journal Article
Understanding the effects of the merger boom on community banks

The merger boom in the U.S. banking industry has caused the number of banking organizations in the nation to fall by nearly a third since 1990. Most of this contraction has involved small community banks. ; A common perception is that most of these small banks are being absorbed by large banks. The disappearance of small banks is raising concerns in many communities because small banks are often a major source of personal services and relationship lending to local businesses and depositors. ; Jagtiani investigates the merger boom in detail and suggests that the merger boom actually has the ...
Economic Review , Volume 93 , Issue Q II , Pages 29-48

Journal Article
Bank mergers do not guarantee major cost savings

Financial Update , Issue Apr , Pages 1-2



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