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Keywords:Bank mergers 

Working Paper
The geographic scope of retail deposit markets

In the United States, antitrust authorities rely heavily on numerical measures of local banking market concentration such as the Herfindahl Hirschmann Index to assess the likely competitive effects of proposed bank mergers and acquisitions. This approach to antitrust enforcement relies on two important assumptions: (1) that markets for at least some types of banking products are local in scope, and (2) that market concentration measures can serve as effective proxies for banks' abilities to extract monopoly rents. This paper uses balance sheet data from most banks operating in the United ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2002-49

Working Paper
Local market consolidation and bank productive efficiency

The recent banking literature has evaluated the impact of mergers on the efficiency of the merging parties [e.g., Rhoades (1993), Shaffer (1993), Fixler and Zieschang (1993)]. Similarly, there has been analysis of the impact of eliminating bank entry restrictions on the average performance of banks [Jayaratne and Strahan (1998)]. The evidence suggests that acquiring banks are typically more efficient than are acquired banks, resulting in the potential for the new combined organization to be more efficient and, therefore, for the merger to be welfare enhancing. The evidence also suggests, ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-02-25

Journal Article
Interstate banking and the outflows of local funds

New England Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 7-19

Journal Article
Explaining the rising concentration of banking assets in the 1990s

In recent years, the nation's largest bank holding companies have sharply increased their market share of assets. Have these institutions achieved their dominance by expanding their existing subsidiaries or by merging with other bank holding companies? A study of industry data for 1990-99 suggests that the increased market share of the largest companies is attributable almost entirely to external growth through mergers and acquisitions.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 6 , Issue Aug

Working Paper
Multibank holding companies and bank behavior

The most dramatic development in banking in recent years has been the rise of bank holding companies. More than 1,750 of these banking operations now control most of America's bank assets and deposits.
Working Paper , Paper 75-01

Journal Article
Bank merger motivations: a review of the evidence and an examination of key target bank characteristics

Economic Review , Issue Sep , Pages 2-19

Journal Article
The challenges facing community banks: in their own words

Ten years of deregulation, new technology, and increase competition have made the U.S. banking industry a less hospital place for many community banks. But the consensus view among ten community bankers recently surveyed by the Federal Reserve is that rapid industry change has provided opportunities as well as threats, and that well-managed, innovative community banks will be able to profitably coexist with large multi-state banks in the future.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 26 , Issue Q IV , Pages 2-17

Conference Paper
The effects of bank mergers and acquisitions on small business lending

Proceedings , Paper 549

Journal Article
Consolidation concentrates bank markets in sixth district

Financial Update , Volume 10 , Issue Oct , Pages 2-3

Conference Paper
Bank consolidation and the consumer

Proceedings , Paper 499



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