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Conference Paper
The pricing effect of certification on bank loans: evidence from the syndicated credit market

Proceedings , Paper 864

Journal Article
Credit rationing by loan size in commercial loan markets

The authors present a theoretical model in which a profit-maximizing lender may ration credit to businesses by restricting loan size. Such credit rationing occurs despite the absence of differences across borrowers in default risk or loan administration costs. Moreover, the model predicts an interest rate-loan size pattern that matches that observed in U.S. commercial loan markets.
Economic Review , Volume 78 , Issue May , Pages 3-8

Working Paper
The long-run relationship between bank capital and lending

Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 93-3

Conference Paper
The effects of bank mergers and acquisitions on small business lending

Proceedings , Paper 549

Conference Paper
Should banks be diversified? evidence from individual bank portfolios

Proceedings , Paper 836

New evidence on the lending channel

Do banks play a special role in the transmission mechanism of monetary policy? I use the presence of internal capital markets in bank holding companies to isolate plausibly exogenous variation in the financial constraints faced by subsidiary banks. In particular, I demonstrate that affiliated bank loan growth is less sensitive to changes in the federal funds rate than that of unaffiliated banks, and that these relatively unconstrained banks are better able to smooth insured deposit outflows by issuing uninsured debt. State loan growth also becomes less sensitive to changes in the federal ...
Staff Reports , Paper 136

Journal Article
Regional lending in a world of interstate banking

Southwest Economy , Issue Mar , Pages 11-13

Working Paper
A simple simulation model of international bank lending

The paper develops a simple simulation model of international bank lending to test the extent to which targeting of fixed shares in the stock of total bank claims on a borrower can make lending flows unstable. The model is based on three distinct types of lending strategies: potentially volatile lending by one group of banks with limited long-term commitment to international lending; the targeting of a given share of the total lending market; and lending based on an assessment of the borrower's creditworthiness. ; The results of the model's simulations suggest that lending flows can become ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 307

Working Paper
Loan officers and relationship lending to SMEs

Previous research suggests that loan officers play a critical role in relationship lending by producing soft information about SMEs. For the first time, we empirically confirm this hypothesis We also examine whether the role of loan officers differs from small to large banks as predicted by Stein (2002). While we find that small banks produce more soft information, the capacity and manner in which loan officers produce soft information does not seem to differ between large and small banks. This suggests that, although large banks may produce more soft information, they likely tend to ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2008-17

Working Paper
Deposits and relationship lending

The authors empirically examine the hypothesis that access to deposits with inelastic rates (core deposits) permits a bank to make contractual agreements with borrowers that are infeasible if the bank must pay market rates for its funds. Access to core deposits insulates a bank's costs of funds from exogenous shocks, allowing the bank to insulate its borrowers against exogenous credit shocks. The authors find that, controlling for competitive conditions in loan markets, banks funded more heavily with core deposits provide more smoothing of loan rates in response to exogenous changes in ...
Working Papers , Paper 98-22



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