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Journal Article
Eighth District banks: back in the black

Review , Issue May , Pages 14-22

Journal Article
Money and credit in 1958

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Feb

Journal Article
Changes in bank lending practices, 1977-79

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Oct

The role of the banking system in the credit slowdown


Journal Article
Business loans of member banks

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar

Journal Article
Interest rates on farm loans

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar

Journal Article
Why small business lending isn’t what it used to be

Since the Great Recession, bank lending to small businesses has fallen significantly, and policymakers have become concerned that these businesses are not getting the credit they need. Many reasons have been suggested for the decline. Our analysis shows that it has multiple sources, which means that trying to address any single factor may be ineffective or make matters worse. Any intervention should take all of the many causes of the decline in small business lending into consideration.
Economic Commentary , Issue Aug

Journal Article
Commercial bank loans to farmers

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Oct

Journal Article
Effects of interest on demand deposits: implications of compensating balances

Review , Volume 59 , Issue Nov , Pages 8-15

Journal Article
Real estate in mid-1954

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jun



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