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Conference Paper
Bank credit and economic activity

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 39 , Pages 83-125

Conference Paper
The role of mortgage banks in the Chicago metropolitan area

Proceedings , Paper 418

Journal Article
Loan loss reserves

Recent years have seen bank loan losses exceeded only by those of the Great Depression. This experience, along with tax and regulatory changes, has triggered changes in the reserve account through which banks provide for such losses.
Economic Review , Volume 77 , Issue Jul , Pages 20-30

Working Paper
Deposits and relationship lending

The authors empirically examine the hypothesis that access to deposits with inelastic rates (core deposits) permits a bank to make contractual agreements with borrowers that are infeasible if the bank must pay market rates for its funds. Access to core deposits insulates a bank's costs of funds from exogenous shocks, allowing the bank to insulate its borrowers against exogenous credit shocks. The authors find that, controlling for competitive conditions in loan markets, banks funded more heavily with core deposits provide more smoothing of loan rates in response to exogenous changes in ...
Working Papers , Paper 98-22

Evidence of a credit crunch?: results from the 2010 survey of first district community banks

This policy brief summarizes the findings of the Survey of Community Banks conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in May 2010. This survey seeks to understand how the supply of, and demand for, bank business loans changed in the period following the financial crisis. The survey design focuses on assessing how much community banks were willing and able to lend to local businesses that used to be customers of large banks but lost access to credit in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The survey responses provide some evidence that lending standards for commercial loans have ...
Public Policy Brief

Journal Article
The bank credit \"crumble.\"

The role played by cutbacks in commercial loan supply in the U.S. economic downturn in 1990 remains controversial. This article investigates the importance of the credit "crumble" and bank capital shortfalls in the contraction of the commercial loan supply in 1990. The author explores the link between the strength of bank balance sheets and the recent slowdown in commercial and industrial loans to U.S. companies.
Quarterly Review , Volume 16 , Issue Sum , Pages 40-51

Working Paper
On the profitability and cost of relationship lending

The authors provide some preliminary evidence on the costs and profitability of relationship lending by commercial banks. Drawing on recent research that has identified loan rate smoothing as a significant element in lending relationships between banks and firms, the authors carry out a two-stage procedure. In the first stage, the authors derive bank-specific measures of the extent to which the banks in their sample engage in loan rate smoothing for small business borrowers in response to exogenous shocks to their credit risk. In the second stage, the authors estimate cost and (alternative) ...
Working Papers , Paper 97-3

Conference Paper
Board connections, conflicts, and bank lending behavior

Proceedings , Paper 849

Conference Paper
Lending relationship, information gathering, and bank market structure

Proceedings , Paper 996



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