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Conference Paper
The role of nonbanks in commercial lending

Proceedings , Paper 285

Journal Article
Why do banks' loan losses differ?

Economic Review , Volume 72 , Issue May , Pages 3-21

Journal Article
House prices and bank loan performance

This Letter discusses the strong link between house price depreciation and defaults on loans for residential mortgages as well as for land development and construction.
FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Listening to loan officers: the impact of commercial credit standards on lending and output

Over most of the last thirty-three years, the Federal Reserve has polled a small number of bank loan officers about their moves to tighten or ease commercial credit standards. Although the Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey uses a small sample and gathers only qualitative information, it proves to be a useful tool in predicting changes in commercial lending and output. The authors find a strong correlation between tighter credit standards and slower loan growth and output, even after controlling for credit demand and other predictors of lending and output. The analysis also shows that the ...
Economic Policy Review , Issue Jul , Pages 1-16

Working Paper
Inside the black box: what explains differences in the efficiencies of financial institutions?

Over the past several years, substantial research effort has gone into measuring the efficiency of financial institutions. Many studies have found that inefficiencies are quite large, on the order of 20 percent or more of total banking industry costs and about half of the industry's potential profits. There is no consensus on the sources of the differences in measured efficiency. This paper examines several possible sources, including differences in efficiency concept, measurement method, and a number of bank, market, and regulatory characteristics. We review the extant literature and provide ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 1997-10

Journal Article
Recent business and credit developments

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Dec

Conference Paper
The relationship between returns to risky lending and Gap management

Proceedings , Paper 174

Journal Article
Loss provisions and bank charge-offs in the financial crisis: lesson learned

The enormity of the recent financial shock was not fully apparent until well into the crisis. One result was that banks did unusually low levels of pre-reserving against eventual loan losses. Much of that underreserving was related to the extraordinary decline in real estate values that led to outsized losses on mortgage loans. This experience highlights the limitations of the bank provisioning process and the need to guard against worse-than-expected economic conditions through higher capital levels.
FRBSF Economic Letter

Conference Paper
Monitoring for equal access to credit: current practices and future challenges

Proceedings , Paper 686

Journal Article
Financing rural businesses: what role for public policy?

Economic Review , Volume 74 , Issue Sep , Pages 30-45



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