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Working Paper
Commercial lending and distance: evidence from Community Reinvestment Act data

Innovations such as credit scoring have increased the ability of banks to lend to distant business borrowers, which could expand the geographic market for small business loans. However, if this effect is limited to a few large banks, the market may become segmented and lending distance at local banks actually decreases. This paper, using a new data source and a spatial econometric model, empirically estimates the relationship between distance and commercial lending and how this relationship is evolving over time. We find distance is negatively associated with the likelihood of a local ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2004-24

Journal Article
For better and for worse: three lending relationships

Are close, long-term relationships between borrowers and lenders feasible in an increasingly competitive financial marketplace? How do relationships that have developed between banks and firms change when firms gain access to alternative funding sources, especially public securities markets? Can firms gain the best of both worlds by a judicious mixture of bank and public borrowing? Using three firms as examples, Mitchell Berlin sizes up the pros and cons of relationship lending.
Business Review , Issue Nov , Pages 3-12

Working Paper
The effects of local banking market structure on the banking-lending channel of monetary policy

We study the relationship between banking competition and the transmission of monetary policy through the bank lending channel. Using business small loan origination data provided from the Community Reinvestment Act from 1996-2002 in our analysis, we are able to reaffirm the existence of the bank lending channel of monetary transmission. Moreover, we find that the impact of monetary policy on loan originations is weaker in more concentrated markets.
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2005-16

Journal Article
Credit in the macroeconomy

Quarterly Review , Volume 18 , Issue Spr

Working Paper
Interest rate expectations and the demand for short-term business credit

Short-term credit plays an essential part in the business financing process. In view of its importance in the nation's credit structure, the market for short-term business credit receives a great deal of attention from financial analysts.
Working Paper , Paper 77-02

Journal Article
Examining small business lending in bank antitrust analysis

The U.S. banking industry has entered an unprecedented period of consolidation and reorganization. This bank merger wave has sparked public policy debate about the desirability of such combinations, particularly in regard to evaluating antitrust considerations. ; More than thirty years ago, legal precedent established the relevant antitrust product market for banking as the cluster of banking products and services. Many are questioning whether a move away from this aggregate approach toward a more traditional product-based antitrust analysis would better reflect today's market realities in ...
Economic Review , Volume 80 , Issue Mar , Pages 31-40

Conference Paper
Bank lending and the transmission of monetary policy

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 39 , Pages 47-79

Journal Article
In-depth: can FASB get loan loss accounting just right?

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) recently released a proposal that would change the way financial institutions set aside funds to cover losses on loans, debt securities and other assets. Under current accounting rules, the allowance for loan and lease losses is based on incurred losses; the new model, if adopted, would require the allowance to be established for losses expected over the life of the loan based on current and future economic conditions, historical losses, and other factors.
Central Banker , Issue Spring

Economic overview: Queens and the region

Remarks at Queens Chamber of Commerce and Queens Economic Development Corporation, Flushing, New York City.
Speech , Paper 47

Conference Paper
Implementing CRA: what is the target?

Proceedings , Paper 454



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