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Keywords:Bank failures 

Journal Article
Small and large bank views of deposit insurance: today vs. the 1930s

Economic Review , Volume 75 , Issue Sep , Pages 23-35

Working Paper
Alternatives for distressed banks and the panics of the Great Depression

Several studies have explored whether the banking panics of the Great Depression caused some institutions to fail that might otherwise have survived. This paper adopts a different approach and investigates whether the panics resulted in the failure and liquidation of banks that might otherwise have been able to pursue a less disruptive resolution strategies such as merging with another institution or suspending operations and recapitalizing. Using data on individual state-chartered banks, I find that many of the banks that failed during the panics appear to have been at least as financially ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2008-07

Journal Article
Regulation, market structure and the bank failures of the Great Depression

Review , Issue Mar , Pages 27-38

Journal Article
The health of banking in the Third District

Business Review , Issue Sep/Oct , Pages 3-11

Journal Article
Optimal deposit contracts: do-it-yourself bank-run prevention for banks

The need for federal deposit insurance is often based on the claim that it prevents bank runs and makes the banking system more stable. But research shows that banks could prevent bank runs by constructing their deposit contracts appropriately, and, in the absence of deposit insurance, they would do so in their own self interest. Federal deposit insurance may be useful as insurance per se?protecting depositors against unforeseen accidents?but it should not be considered necessary for banking system stability.
Economic Commentary , Issue Jan

Conference Paper
Federal Reserve lending to banks that failed: implications for the Bank Insurance Fund

Proceedings , Paper 32

Journal Article
The death of a bank: assuring an orderly transition

Special issue on problem banks
Financial Industry Perspectives

Journal Article
Post-resolution treatment of depositors at failed banks: implications for the severity of banking crises, systemic risk, and too big to fail

Losses from bank failures have significant adverse implications for bank stakeholders, as well as for the macroeconomy. This article examines the potential sources of such losses, in particular the losses that may occur after the date a bank is failed, and makes recommendations on how to minimize these losses.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 26 , Issue Q II

Working Paper
Pooling intensifies joint failure risk

Working Papers , Paper 89-1

Journal Article
Capital ratios as predictors of bank failure

The current review of the 1988 Basel Capital Accord has put the spotlight on the ratios used to assess banks? capital adequacy. This article examines the effectiveness of three capital ratios?the first based on leverage, the second on gross revenues, and the third on risk-weighted assets?in forecasting bank failure over different time frames. Using 1988-93 data on U.S. banks, the authors find that the simple leverage and gross revenue ratios perform as well as the more complex risk-weighted ratio over one- or two-year horizons. Although the risk-weighted measures prove more accurate in ...
Economic Policy Review , Issue Jul , Pages 33-52



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