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Keywords:Bank failures 

Working Paper
When do regulators close banks? When should they?

Working Papers , Paper 93-10

Working Paper
On the valuation of deposit institutions

The author develops an empirical model to value a financial institution's capital for regulatory purposes, which when estimated for a sample of failed and nonfailed institutions, reveals the need for a market-value accounting approach to capital.
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 9104

Conference Paper
General discussion

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 37 , Pages 147-160

Journal Article
Optimal deposit contracts: do-it-yourself bank-run prevention for banks

The need for federal deposit insurance is often based on the claim that it prevents bank runs and makes the banking system more stable. But research shows that banks could prevent bank runs by constructing their deposit contracts appropriately, and, in the absence of deposit insurance, they would do so in their own self interest. Federal deposit insurance may be useful as insurance per se?protecting depositors against unforeseen accidents?but it should not be considered necessary for banking system stability.
Economic Commentary , Issue Jan

Journal Article
The health of banks and thrifts

FRBSF Economic Letter

Working Paper
Evolution, coordination, and banking panics

Working Papers , Paper 95-27

Conference Paper
Factors affecting the Japanese premium

Proceedings , Paper 614

Working Paper
Contagious bank runs in the free banking period

In the free banking period in the United States, banks issued private banknotes without discretionary restriction of entry into banking. Previous research suggests that specific aspects of the free banking laws account for banks' difficulties, losses to noteholders, and the attendant relatively large number of banks closed. In this paper, we examine the hypothesis that contagious is: 1. the actual sequence of events in two episodes in which numerous banks closed; and 2. a statistical analysis of four episodes. The evidence is consistent with the hypothesis that contagious bank runs account of ...
Working Papers , Paper 1989-002

Journal Article
The history and rationale for a separate bank resolution process

Everyone recognizes the need to have a credible resolution regime in place for financial companies whose failure could harm the entire financial system, but people disagree about which regime is best. The emergence of the parallel banking system has led policymakers to reconsider the dividing line between firms that should be resolved in bankruptcy and firms that should be subject to a special resolution regime. A look at the history of insolvency resolution in this country suggests that a blended approach is worth considering. Activities that have potential systemic impact might be best ...
Economic Commentary , Issue Feb

Working Paper
The effect of Continental Illinois' failure on the financial performance of other banks

FRB Atlanta Working Paper , Paper 89-9



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