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Journal Article
IPC or total deposits? There is a difference

An abstract for this article is not available
Economic Review , Volume 73 , Issue Mar , Pages 31-38

Journal Article
Reflections on deposit insurance

A crucial public policy issue is the need for reform of the nations deposit insurance system. This article discusses the role of deposit insurance and outlines some proposals for reform.
Economic Review , Volume 77 , Issue Jan , Pages 3-6

Journal Article
Small time deposits and the recent weakness in M2

The authors review the supply and demand side developments that may have contributed to the recent decline in small time deposits and weak M2 growth. They also consider whether M2 should be redefined to exclude small time deposits in light of the recent difficulties in interpreting the performance of M2.
Quarterly Review , Volume 17 , Issue Spr , Pages 21-35

Journal Article
Bankers on pricing consumer deposits

Quarterly Review , Volume 11 , Issue Win

Journal Article
The pricing of consumer deposit products - the non-rate dimensions

Quarterly Review , Volume 11 , Issue Win

Journal Article
The pricing and hedging of market index deposits

Quarterly Review , Volume 12 , Issue Sum

Information problems and deposit constraints at banks

Following the investment-cash flow literature, we test whether bank lending is constrained by the availability of insured deposits--a necessary condition for the existence of bank lending channel of monetary policy. We treat insured deposits as a type of "internal fund," similar to cash flows. We use a simple model to sort out the possible identification issues in interpreting a lending-deposit correlation, including reverse causality and omitted variable bias. To minimize the latter, we split the sample of banks by leverage and also use deposit flows at sister banks within a holding ...
Research Paper , Paper 9731

Commitment and equilibrium bank runs

We study the role of commitment in a version of the Diamond-Dybvig model with no aggregate uncertainty. As is well known, the banking authority can eliminate the possibility of a bank run by committing to suspend payments to depositors if a run were to start. We show, however, that in an environment without commitment, the banking authority will choose to only partially suspend payments during a run. In some cases, the reduction in early payouts under this partial suspension is insufficient to dissuade depositors from participating in the run. Bank runs can then occur with positive ...
Staff Reports , Paper 274

Banks, markets, and efficiency

In this paper, we address the question whether increasing households' financial market access improves welfare in a financial system in which there is intense competition among banks for private households' funds. Following earlier work by Diamond and by Fecht, we use a model in which the degree of liquidity insurance offered to households through banks' deposit contracts is restrained by households' financial market access. However, we also assume spatial monopolistic competition among banks. Because monopoly rents are assumed to bring about inefficiencies, improved financial market access ...
Staff Reports , Paper 210

Endogenous deposit dollarization

This paper explores sources of deposit dollarization unrelated to standard moral hazard arguments. We develop a model in which banks choose the optimal currency composition of their liabilities. We argue that the equal treatment of peso and dollar claims in the event of bank default can induce banks to attract dollar deposits above the socially desirable level. The distortion arises because dollar deposits are the only source of default risk in the model, but dollar depositors share the burden of the default with peso depositors. The incentive to dollarize is reinforced by common banking ...
Staff Reports , Paper 160



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