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Keywords:Bank deposits 

Journal Article
Distribution of wartime deposit expansion

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Feb , Pages 101-111

Journal Article
Interest checking

FRBSF Economic Letter

Working Paper
Deposits and relationship lending

The authors empirically examine the hypothesis that access to deposits with inelastic rates (core deposits) permits a bank to make contractual agreements with borrowers that are infeasible if the bank must pay market rates for its funds. Access to core deposits insulates a bank's costs of funds from exogenous shocks, allowing the bank to insulate its borrowers against exogenous credit shocks. The authors find that, controlling for competitive conditions in loan markets, banks funded more heavily with core deposits provide more smoothing of loan rates in response to exogenous changes in ...
Working Papers , Paper 98-22

Journal Article
Money supply and time deposits, 1914-69

Review , Volume 52 , Issue Mar , Pages 6-10

Conference Paper
Banks as liquidity providers: an explanation for the co-existence of lending and deposit-taking

Proceedings , Paper 582

Journal Article
Deposit deregulation

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Money and credit in 1958

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Feb

Journal Article
Credit and money in 1960

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Feb , Pages 129-136

Conference Paper
Of firewalls and subsidiaries: the right stuff for expanded bank activities

Proceedings , Paper 608



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