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Keywords:Bank competition 

Journal Article
Regional banking competition

New England Economic Review , Issue Jul , Pages 3-19

Working Paper
Competitive viability in banking: looking beyond the balance sheet.

Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 97-5

Journal Article
Entry and competition in highly concentrated banking markets

This article studies conditions of entry and competitive conduct in highly concentrated banking markets. The author estimates the minimum market size at which a second bank, a third, a fourth, and so on, can enter and maintain long-run profitability. The results suggest no evidence of cartel-like behavior, where banks collude and maximize joint monopoly profits, even in markets with only two or three banks. The results are more consistent with the competitive conduct predicted by models of oligopolistic behavior.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 26 , Issue Q IV , Pages 18-27

Working Paper
Viability of traditional banking activities: evidence from shifts in conduct and excess capacity

Working Papers , Paper 94-11

Journal Article
Still toe-to-toe: banks and nonbanks at the end of the '80s

Economic Perspectives , Volume 14 , Issue Jan , Pages 12-23

Working Paper
Determinants of access to external finance: evidence from Spanish firms

Access to external finance is a key determinant of a firm's ability to develop, operate and expand. To date, the literature has examined a variety of macroeconomic and microeconomic factors that influence firm financing. In this paper, we examine access by Spanish firms to external financing, both from bank and non-bank sources. We use dynamic panel data estimation techniques to estimate our models over a sample of 60,000 firms during the period from 1992 to 2002. We find that Spanish firms are quite dependent on short-term non-bank financing (such as trade credit), which makes up about 65 ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2007-22

Conference Paper
Will firewalls reduce risk?

Proceedings , Paper 220

Conference Paper
Is regulation an impediment to success in financial services?

Proceedings , Paper 347

How wages change: micro evidence from the international wage flexibility project

How do the complex institutions involved in wage setting affect wage changes? The International Wage Flexibility Project provides new microeconomic evidence on how wages change for continuing workers. We analyze individuals' earnings in thirty-one different data sets from sixteen countries, from which we obtain a total of 360 wage change distributions. We find a remarkable amount of variation in wage changes across workers. Wage changes have a notably non-normal distribution; they are tightly clustered around the median and also have many extreme values. Furthermore, nearly all countries show ...
Staff Reports , Paper 275

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, September 14, 1988 (bank competition)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Nov



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