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Keywords:Bank charters 

Resolving troubled systemically important cross-border financial institutions: is a new corporate organizational form required?

This paper explores the advantages of a new financial charter for large, complex, internationally active financial institutions that would address the corporate governance challenges of such organizations, including incentive problems in risk decisions and the complicated corporate and regulatory structures that impede cross-border resolutions. The charter envisions a single entity with broad powers in which the extent and timing of compensation are tied to financial results, senior managers and risk takers form a new risk-bearing stakeholder class, and a home-country-based resolution regime ...
Staff Reports , Paper 457

Working Paper
Deposit insurance, risk, and market power in banking

A fixed-rate deposit insurance system provides a moral hazard for excessive risk taking and is not viable absent regulation. Although the deposit insurance system appears to have worked remarkably well over most of its 50-year history, major problems began to appear in the early 1980s. This paper addresses the puzzle of why major problems began to arise in the early 1980s and not sooner. ; The hypothesis is that increases in competition caused bank charter values to decline, which, in turn, caused banks to- increase default risk through increases. in asset risk and reductions in capital. This ...
Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 88-07

Conference Paper
Deposit insurance, risk, and market power in banking

Proceedings , Paper 230

Conference Paper
What happens if banks are closed \\"early\\"?

Proceedings , Paper 321

Conference Paper
Moral hazard and franchise value: theory and evidence

Proceedings , Paper 318

Conference Paper
Empirically assessing the role of moral hazard in increasing the risk exposure of Texas banks

Proceedings , Paper 317

Conference Paper
Risk taking behavior of banking firms

Proceedings , Paper 316

Conference Paper
Prudential supervision to manage systemic vulnerability

Proceedings , Paper 217

Journal Article
The regulation of bank entry

Economic Review , Issue Sum , Pages 5-13

Journal Article
Birth, growth, and life or death of newly chartered banks

Thousands of new commercial banks have been chartered in the U.S. over the past two decades. This article documents how the financial characteristics of new banks evolve over time, develops a simple theory of why and when new banks fail, and tests the theory using a variety of methods.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 23 , Issue Q III



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