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Journal Article
The new bank capital adequacy standards

Review , Volume 67 , Issue May , Pages 12-20

Robust capital regulation

Banks? leverage choices represent a delicate balancing act. Credit discipline argues for more leverage, while balance-sheet opacity and ease of asset substitution argue for less. Meanwhile, regulatory safety nets promote ex post financial stability, but also create perverse incentives for banks to engage in correlated asset choices and to hold little equity capital. As a way to cope with these distorted incentives, we outline a two-tier capital framework for banks. The first tier is a regular core capital requirement that helps deter excessive risk-taking incentives. The second tier, a novel ...
Staff Reports , Paper 490

Five years since the crisis: where are we now?

Remarks at the Institute of International Bankers' Seminar on Risk Management and Regulatory/Examinations Compliance Issues.
Speech , Paper 120

Conference Paper
Prepared discussant comments

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 37 , Pages 131-146

Conference Paper
Taking care with capital rules: why getting them right matters so much

Proceedings , Paper 820

The information value of the stress test and bank opacity

We investigate whether the ?stress test,? the extraordinary examination of the nineteen largest U.S. bank holding companies conducted by federal bank supervisors in 2009, produced the information demanded by the market. Using standard event study techniques, we find that the market had largely deciphered on its own which banks would have capital gaps before the stress test results were revealed, but that the market was informed by the size of the gap; given our proxy for the expected gap, banks with larger capital gaps experienced more negative abnormal returns. Our findings suggest that the ...
Staff Reports , Paper 460

Conference Paper
Liquidity risk, liquidity creation and financial fragility: a theory of banking

Both investors and borrowers are concerned about liquidity. Investors desire liquidity because they are uncertain about when they will want to eliminate their holding of a financial asset. Borrowers are concerned about liquidity because they are uncertain about their ability to continue to attract or retain funding. We argue that financial intermediation can resolve these liquidity problems that arise in direct lending. Banks enable depositors to withdraw at low cost, as well as buffer firms from the liquidity needs of their investors. We show the bank has to have a somewhat fragile capital ...
Proceedings , Issue Sep

Conference Paper
The credit slowdown of 1989-1991: the role of supply and demand

Proceedings , Paper 368

Conference Paper
Bank capital as an incentive mechanism

Proceedings , Paper 741

Journal Article
Capital ratios as predictors of bank failure

The current review of the 1988 Basel Capital Accord has put the spotlight on the ratios used to assess banks? capital adequacy. This article examines the effectiveness of three capital ratios?the first based on leverage, the second on gross revenues, and the third on risk-weighted assets?in forecasting bank failure over different time frames. Using 1988-93 data on U.S. banks, the authors find that the simple leverage and gross revenue ratios perform as well as the more complex risk-weighted ratio over one- or two-year horizons. Although the risk-weighted measures prove more accurate in ...
Economic Policy Review , Issue Jul , Pages 33-52



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