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Journal Article
International trade and payments data: an introduction

Global trade and payments data, although absolutely essential to an understanding of the pattern and direction of world commerce, are not completely unambiguous. Compilers of such data face numerous problems of definition and measurement of particular components of nations aggregate external accounts.
Economic Review , Volume 77 , Issue Sep , Pages 20-31

Journal Article
Japanese trade balance adjustment to yen appreciation

Quarterly Review , Volume 14 , Issue Aut

Capital flows & current account deficits in the 1990s: why did Latin America & East Asian countries respond differently?

The return of private capital to highly indebted less-developed countries (LDCs) in the late 1980s was accompanied by widening current account deficits in the recipient countries, which were primarily attributed to a consumption boom in Latin America and an investment surge in East Asia. Interpreting the return as an increase in the external debt ceiling, the maximum amount that can be borrowed, this paper analyzes and compares the different response of the two regions using the conceptual framework of a borrowing-constrained agent. According to it, an increase in the debt ceiling can reduce ...
Research Paper , Paper 9610

U.S. capital flows to China

Research Paper , Paper 8705

Borrowing without debt? Understanding the U.S. international investment position

Sustained large U.S. current account deficits have led some economists and policymakers to worry that future current account adjustment could occur through a sudden and disruptive depreciation of the dollar and a sharp drop in U.S. consumption. Two factors that, to date, have cast doubt on such concerns are the stability of U.S. net external liabilities and the minimal net income payments made by the United States on these liabilities. We show that the stability of the external position reflects sizable capital gains stemming from strong foreign equity markets and a weaker dollar - conditions ...
Staff Reports , Paper 271

Journal Article
Trade deficits and the dollar: a macroeconomic perspective

Business Review , Issue Sep , Pages 15-25

Working Paper
Trade and child labor: a general equilibrium analysis

This paper augments the existing literature on trade and child labor by exploring the effects of terms of trade changes in the context of a three good general equilibrium model, where one of the goods is a non-traded good. We find that under quasi-linear preferences the effect of the terms of trade on child labor depends critically on the pattern of substitutability (or complimentarity) in the excess demand functions between the export good and the non-traded good. We extend the analysis to the case where factors move freely between the three goods as in a Heckscher-Ohlin type framework. ...
Working Papers , Paper 2007-024

Journal Article
Summary of U.S. balance of payments, 1969

Review , Volume 52 , Issue Apr

Journal Article
Balance-of-payments concepts - what do they really mean?

Review , Volume 57 , Issue Jul , Pages 14-23



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