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Keywords:Balance of payments 

Journal Article
World trade and payments in 1955-56

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Oct

Borrowing without debt? Understanding the U.S. international investment position

Sustained large U.S. current account deficits have led some economists and policymakers to worry that future current account adjustment could occur through a sudden and disruptive depreciation of the dollar and a sharp drop in U.S. consumption. Two factors that, to date, have cast doubt on such concerns are the stability of U.S. net external liabilities and the minimal net income payments made by the United States on these liabilities. We show that the stability of the external position reflects sizable capital gains stemming from strong foreign equity markets and a weaker dollar - conditions ...
Staff Reports , Paper 271

Journal Article
Beyond recycling

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
A monetary view of the balance of payments

Review , Volume 57 , Issue Apr , Pages 14-22

Working Paper
Adequacy of international transactions and position data for policy coordination

This paper examines the adequacy of data on current account positions and international indebtedness as indicators of the need for policy adjustments and coordination. Doubts about the adequacy of these data have been raised by the growth of the global current account discrepancy and the statistical discrepancy in the U.S. international transactions accounts. The paper includes a brief review of the conclusions of the IMF working party on the world current account discrepancy and a detailed examination of the data on U.S. international transactions and net investment position. Both ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 337

Journal Article
Recent trends in the U.S. balance of payments

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Apr

Working Paper
Speculative attacks on pegged exchange rates: an empirical exploration with special reference to the European Monetary System

This paper presents an empirical analysis of speculative attacks on pegged exchange rates in 22 countries between 1967 and 1992. We define speculative attacks or crises as large movements in exchange rates, interest rates, and international reserves. We develop stylized facts concerning the univariate behavior of a variety of macroeconomic variables, comparing crises with periods of tranquility. For ERM observations we cannot reject the null hypothesis that there are few significant differences in the behavior of key macroeconomic variables between crises and non-crisis periods. This null ...
Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 95-04

Journal Article
Gold and dollar transfers in 1960

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar

Conference Paper
International payments imbalances of the East Asian developing economies

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 32 , Pages 103-156

Journal Article
U.S. balance of payments and investment position

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Apr



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