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Keywords:Automobile industry and trade 

Working Paper
Job creation, job destruction, and international competition: job flows and trade: the case of NAFTA
This paper is a chapter in our forthcoming monograph, Job Creation, Job Destruction, and International Competition (W.E. Upjohn Institute 2003), and expands on the ideas advanced in Klein, Schuh, and Triest (2003). The chapter is a case study of the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on the U.S. labor market in three industries: textiles and apparel, chemicals, and automobiles. NAFTA significantly altered the trade environment for these industries and contributed to changes in the bilateral export-import structure among the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our innovation is to examine NAFTA's effect on gross job creation and destruction, the components of change in net employment. Except for a more rapid decline in apparel employment, there is little evidence of NAFTA's having had major effects on either net employment or gross job flows in these industries.
AUTHORS: Klein, Michael W.; Triest, Robert K.; Schuh, Scott
DATE: 2002

Journal Article
Collective bargaining and disinflation
A discussion of wage behavior over the business cycle and of the effect of deferred wage increases, cost-of-living adjustments, and current settlements on labor union rates, using the auto industry as an example.
AUTHORS: Sniderman, Mark S.; Littman, Daniel A.
DATE: 1984

Journal Article
The mythology of domestic content
A commentary on free trade and the auto industry, with a discussion of the growth of Japanese auto imports, the cost and effect of import restrictions, and the probable effects of proposed domestic content legislation.
AUTHORS: Bryan, Michael F.
DATE: 1983

Journal Article
Issues in the 1983 auto-sales outlook
An analysis of the changing auto market and of factors affecting sales ( such as consumer income, costs, sticker shock, and affordability), plus a discussion of expectations of 1983 sales.
AUTHORS: Bryan, Michael F.
DATE: 1983

Working Paper
Pricing to market in international trade: evidence from panel data on automobiles and total merchandise
This paper focuses on price discrimination in international trade that is associated with movements in exchange rates. This phenomenon is referred to as "pricing to market." We find strong evidence of pricing to market for Japanese exports of automobiles. We find moderate evidence of such behavior for German auto exports, and very little pricing to market for U.S. auto exports. We conjecture that these sharp differences in export pricing behavior may be due to differences in the extent of overseas production by firms based in these countries. Pricing to market may be more important to firms that do not have plants in their target markets. ; The patterns observed for automobiles do not hold up for total merchandise exports, where pricing to market varies by both source and destination country. These differences in measured pricing to market may reflect differences in the product mix of trade by source and destination.
AUTHORS: Gagnon, Joseph E.; Knetter, Michael M.
DATE: 1990

Journal Article
The future for automobile production in Tenth District states
AUTHORS: Hubbard, R. Glenn
DATE: 1990

Journal Article
Observations: test driving the Internet
Shopping for a new car over the Internet.
AUTHORS: Duval, Jennifer
DATE: 2002

Conference Paper
View of recessions from the automobile industry
AUTHORS: Zimmerman, Martin B.
DATE: 1998

Journal Article
American automobile manufacturing: it's turning Japanese
A discussion of the movement of Japanese auto production facilities to the United States, with emphasis on conditions in the Fourth Federal Reserve District and on growth of the just-in-time inventory supply process.
AUTHORS: Dvorak, Michael W.; Bryan, Michael F.
DATE: 1986

Journal Article
Realignment in the U.S. motor vehicle industry
A review of the developments that have led to chronic excess capacity in the U.S. motor vehicle industry, and a consideration of the prospects facing this industry in the decade ahead.
AUTHORS: Bryan, Michael F.; Martin, John B.
DATE: 1991



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