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Keywords:Automated tellers 

Conference Paper
International comparisons: lessons learned

Proceedings , Paper 747

Conference Paper
Lessons learned from past payments experiences

Proceedings , Paper 656

Conference Paper
End user expectations

Proceedings , Paper 660

Journal Article
ATM fee disclosure now mandatory

Financial Update , Volume 14 , Issue Apr , Pages 5

Conference Paper
Automated teller machines


Journal Article
A guide to the ATM and debit card industry

TEN , Issue Spr , Pages 28-30

Working Paper
Compatibility and pricing with indirect network effects: evidence from ATMs

Incompatibility in markets with indirect network effects can reduce consumers? willingness to pay if they value ?mix and match? combinations of complementary network components. For integrated firms selling complementary components, incompatibility should also strengthen the demand-side link between components. In this paper, we examine the effects of incompatibility using data from a classic market with indirect network effects: Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Our sample covers a period during which higher ATM fees increased incompatibility between ATM cards and other banks? ATM machines. ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-03-33

A guide to the ATM and debit card industry - 2006 update

It has been three years since we published A Guide to the ATM and Debit Card Industry. Those three years represent a very dynamic time in the industry with a number of important developments. Some trends and patterns have persisted or accelerated, while others have peaked or reversed. Still others have emerged for the first time. The purpose of this 2006 Update is to document these trends and patterns by updating the data we presented in the original book and to discuss their implications for the current and future state of the industry. ; The most important development is that the two ...

Discussion Paper
The evolution of EFT networks from ATMs to new on-line debit payment products

On June 15, 2001, the Payment Cards Center of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia sponsored a workshop on the evolution of the electronic funds transfer (EFT) industry. Paul Tomasofsky and Bruce Sussman of NYCE, the New Jersey-based electronic payments company, led the workshop. Beginning with a brief history of EFT and the automated teller machine (ATM) industry, Tomasofsky and Sussman discussed the growth of debit card applications and various Internet payment mechanisms. They then described NYCE's new payment product, SafeDebit,TM which is designed to address security issues in making ...
Consumer Finance Institute discussion papers , Paper 02-04

Conference Paper
Workshop overview

Proceedings , Paper 655


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