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Conference Paper
Financial institution strategic planning for retail services


Conference Paper
Automated teller machines


Working Paper
Incompatibility and investment in ATM networks

The literature on network industries and network effects notes that incompatibility across rival systems can influence firms' incentives to invest in product changes that are beneficial to the consumer. We investigate this phenomenon in the case of bank ATM networks, where the number of ATM locations serves as the measure of product quality and surcharge fees serve as an index of incompatibility. Using as a natural experiment the lifting of a surcharge ban in Iowa (and not in neighboring states), we find that the associated increase in incompatibility for Iowa banks caused a substantial ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2006-36

Journal Article
The evolution of shared ATM networks

Business Review , Issue May , Pages 3-16

Working Paper
Network externalities and shared electronic banking network adoption

Working Papers , Paper 93-18

A guide to the ATM and debit card industry - 2006 update

It has been three years since we published A Guide to the ATM and Debit Card Industry. Those three years represent a very dynamic time in the industry with a number of important developments. Some trends and patterns have persisted or accelerated, while others have peaked or reversed. Still others have emerged for the first time. The purpose of this 2006 Update is to document these trends and patterns by updating the data we presented in the original book and to discuss their implications for the current and future state of the industry. ; The most important development is that the two ...

Conference Paper
End user expectations

Proceedings , Paper 660

Journal Article
CEDA community development fund ATM demonstration project

Profitwise , Issue Spr , Pages 11

Journal Article
Amendment to Regulation E regarding disclosure requirement for ATM fees

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Apr

Working Paper
Who uses electronic banking?

This study uses the 1995 Survey of Consumer Finances to examine households' use of technologies, including electronic means, to carry out transactions at a financial institution and to gain information for making saving and borrowing decisions. Household use of various technologies is correlated with household income, financial assets, age, and years of education. Results suggest that relatively new electronic technologies are used by relatively few households, and that household use of electronic sources of information for financial decisionmaking is barely off the ground.
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 1997-35


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