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Keywords:Antitrust law 

Journal Article
Antitrust and payment technologies

Review , Issue Nov , Pages 41-54

Journal Article
Divestiture: a prescription for healthy competition

Our anti-trust laws dictate that bank mergers be rejected if they will substantially lessen competition in their markets. Yet bigger bank mergers are approved every year. What's going on? One word: divestiture.
The Regional Economist , Issue Jan , Pages 10-11

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, June 3, 1998, (antitrust issues related to mergers and acquisitions).

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Aug , Pages 619-627

Working Paper
Divestiture as an antitrust remedy in bank mergers

The purpose of this study is to determine whether, from a public policy standpoint, divestitures constitute an effective antitrust remedy in bank merger cases. A number of findings emerge from the study: Divested branches have a remarkable survival record; structural changes effected by divestitures tend to persist over time; larger buyers of divested branches tended to be more successful than smaller buyers; divestiture of the target institutions' branches rather than those of applicants proved preferable from an antitrust standpoint; and divested branches selected by the Department of ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 1998-14

Conference Paper
The 1992 agency horizontal merger guidelines and the Department of Justice's approach to bank merger analysis

Proceedings , Paper 375

Journal Article
Has antitrust policy in banking become obsolete?

The authors analyze the effect of bank mergers on deposit interest rates, using data on banks responding to the Federal Reserve's Monthly Survey of Selected Deposits over an 11-year period. Their results suggest that banks exercise market power in pricing money market deposits and CD's in their local markets.
New England Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 13-26

Journal Article
Antitrust and payment technologies: commentary

Review , Issue Nov , Pages 55-59

Journal Article
Antitrust and payment technologies: commentary

Review , Issue Nov , Pages 60-63

Journal Article
Antitrust issues and payment systems networks: introduction

Review , Issue Nov , Pages 1-3


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