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Keywords:Antitrust law 

Conference Paper
Should merger policy be changed? An antitrust perspective
AUTHORS: Adams, William James
DATE: 1987

Journal Article
Has antitrust policy in banking become obsolete?
The authors analyze the effect of bank mergers on deposit interest rates, using data on banks responding to the Federal Reserve's Monthly Survey of Selected Deposits over an 11-year period. Their results suggest that banks exercise market power in pricing money market deposits and CD's in their local markets.
AUTHORS: Simons, Katerina; Stavins, Joanna
DATE: 1998-03

Journal Article
Anatomy of a price-fix
An analysis of a price-fixing scheme among retail food chains in the Cleveland, Ohio area that resulted in criminal charges and a $4.2 million fine against the perpetrators, plus a discussion of consumer damages involved in the case.
AUTHORS: Bryan, Michael F.
DATE: 1982-07

Journal Article
Divestiture: a prescription for healthy competition
Our anti-trust laws dictate that bank mergers be rejected if they will substantially lessen competition in their markets. Yet bigger bank mergers are approved every year. What's going on? One word: divestiture.
AUTHORS: Webb, Robert L.
DATE: 2001-01

Journal Article
Antitrust and payment technologies: commentary
AUTHORS: Economides, Nicholas
DATE: 1995-11

Journal Article
Antitrust and payment technologies
AUTHORS: Frankel, Alan S.; Carlton, Dennis W.
DATE: 1995-11

Journal Article
Antitrust issues and payment systems networks: introduction
AUTHORS: Gilbert, R. Alton
DATE: 1995-11


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