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Keywords:Animal industry 

Gains in pork production expected to end

Agricultural Letter , Issue Jan

Journal Article
Barnyard boon or bust? the National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

The goal of the National Animal Identification System is to trace the origin of a diseased animal within 48 hours. But would an optional, voluntary system accomplish this goal without unduly hurting small farmers?
The Regional Economist , Issue Jan , Pages 12-13

Meat production

Agricultural Letter , Issue Mar , Pages 1-2

Hog producers still expanding

Agricultural Letter , Issue Oct , Pages 1-2

Meat production continues to trend upward

Agricultural Letter

Journal Article
Industrialization in hog production: implications for Midwest agriculture

Mega producers have ushered in a new era for Midwest agriculture and amplified the growing environmental concerns associated with concentrated animal agriculture. The combination threatens to undermine the Midwest's long-held dominance in hog production and processing.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 21 , Issue Jan

Cattle numbers post modest gain

Agricultural Letter , Issue Mar , Pages 3

Hogs numbers expanding

Agricultural Letter , Issue Oct , Pages 2-3

Red meat and poultry exports continue to expand

Agricultural Letter , Issue Mar , Pages 2-3

Journal Article
The new U.S. meat industry

A new meat industry is rapidly emerging in the United States, as food retailers, meat processors, and farms and ranches coalesce into fewer and larger businesses. The industry?s rapid consolidation in recent years has triggered alarms that the industry?s new giants in retailing and processing could drive up food prices for consumers and drive down livestock prices for producers. How should public policy respond to the industry?s consolidation? And how can all participants in the industry?producers, processors, retailers, and consumers?benefit from its new structure?> Barkema, Drabenstott, and ...
Economic Review , Volume 86 , Issue Q II , Pages 33-56