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Working Paper
The determinants of airport hub locations, service, and competition
Although the airline industry has been studied extensively since passage of the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, relatively little effort has gone into examining how hub location affects the level of service and degree of competition found at airports in the system. To help close this gap, we investigate the geographic distribution of airline hub operations, the level of service, and the extent of competition at 112 major U.S. airports, extending previous work by Bauer (1987) and Butler and Huston (1989). Our key innovation is that we derive our measures of service and competition from indicator matrices that describe each airline's route system.
AUTHORS: Zlatoper, Thomas J.; Bania, Neil; Bauer, Paul W.
DATE: 1992

Working Paper
U.S. air passenger service: a taxonomy of route networks, hub locations, and competition
In this paper, we analyze the service provided by the 13 largest U.S. passenger airlines to the 100 most populous U.S. metropolitan areas in 1989. We classify the route systems by their nature and geographical extent using a variety of measures based on route-level data. We then identify individual airline hub locations and derive and calculate several measures of the extent of competition both on individual routes and at the airports in our sample. The results show the wide diversity of route networks that existed in the airline industry in 1989--a phenomenon that may help to explain the failure of several major carriers since then.
AUTHORS: Bania, Neil; Zlatoper, Thomas J.; Bauer, Paul W.
DATE: 1992

Working Paper
TFP growth, change in efficiency, and technological progress in the U. S. airline industry: 1970 to 1981
An overview of the airline industry's early adaptations to deregulation using a best-practice cost function approach; measures cost efficiency and changes in total factor productivity growth for airlines in the 1970s and early 1980s and discusses how these findings relate to individual airline performance.
AUTHORS: Bauer, Paul W.
DATE: 1988

Journal Article
On land, on the sea and in the air: the travel industry after 9-11
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 2002-04

Journal Article
Taking off: Discount airlines transform flying
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 2003-07

Journal Article
Regional airports: Fasten your seatbelt
AUTHORS: Clement, Douglas
DATE: 2000-10

Journal Article
Common descent
Flight delays common at large airports also afflict regional airports in the district.
AUTHORS: Mahon, Joe
DATE: 2008-07

Journal Article
Air South: small airline, big ambition
A young upstart in the airline business is expanding the South's flight options and might bring economic development to Columbia, S.C., as well.
AUTHORS: O'Brien, Kevin J.
DATE: 1994-01

Journal Article
Regional airports: embarking on smoother skies
District airports bounce back from 2001 lows with the help of regional jet service.
AUTHORS: Page, Dave
DATE: 2003-05

Journal Article
Regional airports: fear of not flying
AUTHORS: Clement, Douglas
DATE: 2001-01


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