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Keywords:Agriculture - Economic aspects 

Journal Article
Agriculture in the war

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Dec , Pages 1147-1155

Journal Article
The position of agriculture in mid-1947

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Aug

Journal Article
Commercial bank loans to farmers

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Oct

Journal Article
Agriculture’s boom-bust cycles: is this time different?

Agriculture in the United States is notorious for its cycles of boom and bust. Golden eras of a booming farm economy often fade quickly as economic and financial market conditions change. Today, U.S. agriculture is in the midst of another farm boom. Henderson, Gloy and Boehlje examine the foundation of the boom-bust cycle and find that U.S. farm incomes are swelling because of record high exports and strong demand for biofuels. Simultaneously, with historically low interest rates, farmland values have reached record highs. Although current conditions mirror the past, farmers have hesitated to ...
Economic Review , Volume 96 , Issue Q IV , Pages 81-103

Journal Article
Old MacDonald's evolving farm

Alternative livestock markets still small and volatile, but appear to be growing.
Fedgazette , Volume 19 , Issue Jan , Pages 15-17

Journal Article
Outside the winner’s circle

High land and crop prices are benefiting a lot of farmers, but hurting some?badly.
Fedgazette , Volume 20 , Issue Jul , Pages 10

Journal Article
How New York State's agriculture industry is staying competitive

We examine some of the challenges facing New York's agriculture industry and outline some innovative responses. We distinguish between two types of agriculture: commodities and value-added consumer foods. We show that commodities are a small fraction of the agriculture industry in New York State and are not a growing market segment, while value-added goods are the primary products of New York farms and represent a market segment that is growing significantly. We then briefly discuss important strategies that agricultural producers are using to remain competitive, including the adoption of ...
The Regional Economy of Upstate New York , Issue Spr

Journal Article
New policies for new economic engines

Main Street Economist , Issue Dec , Pages 10-11

Journal Article
Policy update : New farm bill extends menu

Econ Focus , Volume 12 , Issue Spr/Sum , Pages 7

Understanding recent trends in Midwest farmland leasing

On November 27, 2012, the Chicago Fed hosted a conference to examine recent trends in farmland leasing and their impacts on agricultural lending. Experts gathered to analyze various kinds of farmland rental arrangements, different sources of income from farmland, and shifting relationships between farmland owners and farm operators?all within the context of large and rapid rises in cash rental rates for Midwest farmland that lag the jumps in value of the land itself.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Mar


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