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Journal Article
Seeds of change

It's been eight years since genetically modified seeds first came on the market. Farmers have seen some advantages, but certain consumers, particularly those abroad, are still resisting the technology.
Regional Review , Issue Q 2 / Q 3 , Pages 12-21

Journal Article
The Outlook for Farmland Values amid Higher Interest Rates

In 2018, the spread between returns to farmland owners and benchmark interest rates narrowed to its lowest level in more than a decade in the Tenth Federal Reserve District. At the same time, farmland sales increased in some states for the first time in several years. Together, the reduced spread and indications of increased sales in some regions suggest the potential for lower farmland values moving forward.
Economic Bulletin , Issue April 10, 2019 , Pages 3

Journal Article
Agriculture and the GATT: a time for change

Economic Review , Volume 74 , Issue Feb , Pages 21-42

Journal Article
Agriculture’s Water Economy

In July 2016, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City hosted a symposium titled ?Agriculture?s Water Economy.? Esther L. George, the Bank?s President and Chief Executive Officer, highlights the symposium?s themes and importance.
Economic Review , Issue Q IV Special , Pages 1-142

Journal Article
Agriculture in the former Soviet Union: the long road ahead

Economic Review , Volume 77 , Issue Q IV , Pages 79-85

Journal Article
Agriculture's portfolio for an uncertain future: preparing for global warming

Economic Review , Volume 77 , Issue Q II , Pages 5-20

Journal Article
U.S. agriculture at the crossroads in 1999

Markets for U.S. farm products took a sudden, unexpected turn for the worse in 1998, as supply and demand factors combined to produce a plunge in crop prices. Most parts of the nation had very favorable growing conditions in 1998, resulting in an abundant harvest of the major crops, and pushing prices lower. Likewise, the supply of red meat products in the marketplace soared, as both beef and pork producers boosted production, with pork production hitting a record high. But as supply soared, demand weakened. In particular, the economic crisis in Asia led to a drop in ag exports to many Asian ...
Economic Review , Volume 84 , Issue Q I , Pages 73-91

Journal Article
Exploring Agriculture's Path to the Long Term: Agricultural Symposium 2019

Economic Review , Issue Special Issue 2019 , Pages 1-101

Journal Article
U.S. agriculture : another solid year in 1998?

U.S. agriculture had a very good year in 1997, with profits widely shared among the nation's farmers. While few producers could boast of bell-ringer profits, as they did in 1996, nearly all could claim a good year. The year was especially welcome to the nation's cattle producers, who had struggled through an extended period of losses. The cattle industry rebounded much faster and further than anyone expected. While Mother Nature did bring major flooding to the Northern Plains states in late spring, most parts of the nation had good growing conditions in 1997. The result was an abundant ...
Economic Review , Volume 83 , Issue Q I , Pages 55-74

Journal Article
Competition in Local Agricultural Lending Markets: The Effect of the Farm Credit System

Charles S. Morris, James Wilkinson, and Eric Hogue assess the effects of Farm Credit Association lending on measures of competition in agricultural banking markets.
Economic Review , Issue Q IV , Pages 51-78



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