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Keywords:Agricultural productivity 

Journal Article
The balance sheet of agriculture, 1959

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jul

Journal Article
The farm slump continues

The century's final year was one of frustration for U.S. agriculture - certainly not the way the industry had hoped to close the millennium. Farmers took pride> in their productivity, turning out the fourth bin-busting crop in a row and more red meat and poultry than ever before. But the big production collided with a still sluggish world market, holding down farm commodity prices. Still, farm income held up well above the average for the past decade, due to another big financial assistance package from Washington.> The farm slump will likely continue in the year ahead, although prospects for ...
Economic Review , Volume 85 , Issue Q I , Pages 43-55

Journal Article
Rust never sleeps

Asian soybean rust could create a make or break year for district farmers
Fedgazette , Volume 17 , Issue May , Pages 10-12

Journal Article
Can agriculture end its slump in 2000

Main Street Economist , Issue Jan

Journal Article
Less promising... the 1980 outlook for agriculture

An abstract for this article is not available
Economic Review , Volume 66 , Issue Jan , Pages 14-18

Journal Article
Supplies and prices of agricultural commodities

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Sep

Journal Article
The farm slump eases

Another big package of government financial aid cushioned the farm slump in 2000 but did little to lift agriculture's spirit. Overall, the industry's major financial indicators stayed remarkably healthy. Farmers delivered more red meat and poultry to supermarkets than ever before, and strong consumer demand in the robust U.S. economy boosted livestock prices and profits. But another big crop swamped still sluggish global markets, and weak crop prices held down farm incomes. In the end, help from Washington propped up the industry's financial indicators for the third consecutive year.> Barkema ...
Economic Review , Volume 85 , Issue Q IV , Pages 37-49

Farm production expenses holding steady

Agricultural Letter , Issue Jun , Pages 1-2

Journal Article
Not milk? Midwest dairy is dying, says the conventional wisdom. Not gonna happen, say district farmers

Fedgazette , Volume 14 , Issue Mar , Pages 15-18

Working Paper
Off-farm labor supply and fertilizer use

I develop a two-period stochastic dynamic programming model to explain the interaction between fertilizer use and off-farm labor supply. Using a well-known sample of Indian farmers, I find that fertilizer use responds strongly to the village wage and that irrigation raises fertilizer use, while larger farmers use less fertilizer (per acre) than smaller ones. Response to one-sided production shocks, is stronger for female labor, indicating that it is more important for smoothing consumption than male labor.
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 1996-49


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