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Keywords:Agricultural prices 

Journal Article
Farm income and price trends

Review , Volume 49 , Issue Aug , Pages 7-10

Journal Article
Not your father's farm recession

Fedgazette , Volume 11 , Issue Oct , Pages 3-4

Journal Article
A fair price for whom?

Fedgazette , Volume 14 , Issue Mar , Pages 4-6

Journal Article
The farm slump eases

Another big package of government financial aid cushioned the farm slump in 2000 but did little to lift agriculture's spirit. Overall, the industry's major financial indicators stayed remarkably healthy. Farmers delivered more red meat and poultry to supermarkets than ever before, and strong consumer demand in the robust U.S. economy boosted livestock prices and profits. But another big crop swamped still sluggish global markets, and weak crop prices held down farm incomes. In the end, help from Washington propped up the industry's financial indicators for the third consecutive year.> Barkema ...
Economic Review , Volume 85 , Issue Q IV , Pages 37-49

Journal Article
Will farmland values keep booming?

Lean supplies, strong export activity, and vibrant demand both at home and abroad have pushed crop prices to record highs, offsetting today?s spiraling production costs. As a result, farm profits and investments have soared, and farmland values have boomed. ; But commodity markets in agriculture can change directions abruptly?and so agricultural bankers and farm analysts naturally question the sustainability of today?s prosperity. The current agriculture boom is strikingly similar to those of the 1970s and mid-1990s, when the good times quickly faded as crop supplies increased, the dollar ...
Economic Review , Volume 93 , Issue Q II , Pages 81-104

Journal Article
Farming the government: Far from abandoning farmers, government policy stumbles into the new ag economy, helping some but not others

Fedgazette , Volume 11 , Issue Oct , Pages 8-9

Journal Article
The Russian wheat deal-hindsight vs. foresight

Review , Volume 55 , Issue Oct , Pages 2-9

Journal Article
Farmers face Phase IV

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Monetary policy and the farm/nonfarm price ratio: a comparison of effects

Review , Issue Jul


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