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Journal Article
100 percent of what?

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Agriculture’s boom-bust cycles: is this time different?

Agriculture in the United States is notorious for its cycles of boom and bust. Golden eras of a booming farm economy often fade quickly as economic and financial market conditions change. Today, U.S. agriculture is in the midst of another farm boom. Henderson, Gloy and Boehlje examine the foundation of the boom-bust cycle and find that U.S. farm incomes are swelling because of record high exports and strong demand for biofuels. Simultaneously, with historically low interest rates, farmland values have reached record highs. Although current conditions mirror the past, farmers have hesitated to ...
Economic Review , Volume 96 , Issue Q IV , Pages 81-103

Journal Article
Old MacDonald's evolving farm

Alternative livestock markets still small and volatile, but appear to be growing.
Fedgazette , Volume 19 , Issue Jan , Pages 15-17

Journal Article
The farm slump eases

Another big package of government financial aid cushioned the farm slump in 2000 but did little to lift agriculture's spirit. Overall, the industry's major financial indicators stayed remarkably healthy. Farmers delivered more red meat and poultry to supermarkets than ever before, and strong consumer demand in the robust U.S. economy boosted livestock prices and profits. But another big crop swamped still sluggish global markets, and weak crop prices held down farm incomes. In the end, help from Washington propped up the industry's financial indicators for the third consecutive year.> Barkema ...
Economic Review , Volume 85 , Issue Q IV , Pages 37-49

Journal Article
Not your father's farm recession

Fedgazette , Volume 11 , Issue Oct , Pages 3-4

Journal Article
Outside the winner’s circle

High land and crop prices are benefiting a lot of farmers, but hurting some?badly.
Fedgazette , Volume 20 , Issue Jul , Pages 10

Journal Article
Aid, trade, and agriculture

International Economic Trends , Issue Feb

Working Paper
Why are estimates of agricultural supply response so variable?

Estimates of the response of agricultural supply to movements in expected price display curiously large variation across crops, regions, and time periods. We argue that this anomaly may be traced, at least in part, to the statistical properties of the commonly-used econometric estimator, which has infinite moments of all orders and may have a bimodal distribution. We propose an alternative minimum-expected-loss estimator, establish its improved sampling properties, and argue for its usefulness in the empirical analysis of agricultural supply response.
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 96-8

Conditions turn up for dairy farmers

Agricultural Letter , Issue Jul

Lower prices trim dairy farmer earnings

Agricultural Letter , Issue Mar 22


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