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Journal Article
Can grain elevators survive record crop prices?

Main Street Economist , Issue 3

Journal Article
The farm slump continues

The century's final year was one of frustration for U.S. agriculture - certainly not the way the industry had hoped to close the millennium. Farmers took pride> in their productivity, turning out the fourth bin-busting crop in a row and more red meat and poultry than ever before. But the big production collided with a still sluggish world market, holding down farm commodity prices. Still, farm income held up well above the average for the past decade, due to another big financial assistance package from Washington.> The farm slump will likely continue in the year ahead, although prospects for ...
Economic Review , Volume 85 , Issue Q I , Pages 43-55

Journal Article
The balance sheet of agriculture, 1950

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Sep

Journal Article
Outside the winner’s circle

High land and crop prices are benefiting a lot of farmers, but hurting some?badly.
Fedgazette , Volume 20 , Issue Jul , Pages 10

Lower prices trim dairy farmer earnings

Agricultural Letter , Issue Mar 22

Conditions turn up for dairy farmers

Agricultural Letter , Issue Jul , Pages 2-3

Journal Article
The challenge in building demand for U.S. farm exports

Economic Review , Volume 71 , Issue Feb , Pages 15-27

Journal Article
100 percent of what?

FRBSF Economic Letter

Less acres, high usage boost grain prices

Agricultural Letter , Issue Jul , Pages 1-2

Journal Article
U.S. agriculture : another solid year in 1998?

U.S. agriculture had a very good year in 1997, with profits widely shared among the nation's farmers. While few producers could boast of bell-ringer profits, as they did in 1996, nearly all could claim a good year. The year was especially welcome to the nation's cattle producers, who had struggled through an extended period of losses. The cattle industry rebounded much faster and further than anyone expected. While Mother Nature did bring major flooding to the Northern Plains states in late spring, most parts of the nation had good growing conditions in 1997. The result was an abundant ...
Economic Review , Volume 83 , Issue Q I , Pages 55-74


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