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Keywords:Agricultural industries - Finance 

Journal Article
Agriculture banks are outperforming their peers, but how long will it last?
With soaring commodity prices and farmland values in recent years, banks with an agricultural focus (where at least 25 percent of total loans are production and farmland loans) have outperformed their community bank peers. Find out what risks agriculture banks may face.
AUTHORS: Corner, Gary S.
DATE: 2011-10

The role of R&D in agriculture and related industries: today and tomorrow—a conference summary (special issue)
On September 24, 2007, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago held a conference that explored the role of research and development in agriculture and related sectors, focusing on policies that promote industry growth and rural development.
AUTHORS: Oppedahl, David B.
DATE: 2008-01

Journal Article
An update on the farm economy
AUTHORS: Walraven, Nicholas; Rosine, John
DATE: 1991-12

Journal Article
The balance sheet of agriculture, 1955
AUTHORS: Garlock, F. L.; Jones, L. A.; Bierman, R. W.; Taylor, M. M.; Scofield, W. H.
DATE: 1955-08

Journal Article
A financial perspective on agriculture
AUTHORS: Melichar, Emanuel
DATE: 1984-01

Journal Article
The balance sheet of agriculture, 1960
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 1960-08

Journal Article
Farm loans to finance intermediate-term investments
AUTHORS: Doll, Raymond J.
DATE: 1957-01

Journal Article
Agricultural supply and price developments
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 1953-09

Journal Article
Farm loans for current expenses
AUTHORS: Allen, Philip T.
DATE: 1957-02

Journal Article
The balance sheet of agriculture, 1962
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 1962-08