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Keywords:Agricultural credit 

Journal Article
The financial distress in American farming
An analysis of the uneven distribution of problem debt among the nation' s farmers, a discussion of the effect of this debt on agricultural banks, and an estimate of the probable impact of farm debt problems on the nation.
AUTHORS: Bryan, Michael F.; Whalen, Gary
DATE: 1985

Journal Article
Stripdowns and bankruptcy: lessons from agricultural bankruptcy reform
One type of financial reform being proposed to deal with the aftermath of the housing crisis is allowing bankruptcy judges the authority to modify residential mortgages in a way referred to as a stripdown. The reform is seen by some as a partial solution to the rise in foreclosures and as a Pandora?s box by others. But the debate is not new one. The 1980s farm foreclosure crisis sparked similar proposals and concerns. Congress decided to enact legislation that contained a stripdown provision, resulting in the creation of Chapter 12 in the bankruptcy code. The effects of Chapter 12 stripdown authority after its enactment shed light on the efficacy of allowing bankruptcy judges similar authority for housing loans.
AUTHORS: Thomson, James B.; Fitzpatrick, Thomas J.
DATE: 2010

Journal Article
FCS: at the crossroad, again
AUTHORS: Furlong, Frederick T.; Nielsen, John M.
DATE: 1987

Journal Article
Agricultural lending in the West
AUTHORS: Zimmerman, Gary C.
DATE: 1989

Journal Article
Explaining differences in farm lending among banks
Do small, rural banks lend to farmers because they are small, or because they are rural? This paper combines a new measure of the extent of agricultural activity in banking markets with an appropriate statistical framework to examine causes of interbank variation in agricultural production loans. The results show that a bank's size and head office location both matter to some extent, but that the size of a bank's branches in agricultural areas is the single most important factor determining agricultural loan levels. Other variables, such as ownership structure and charter type, have no significant effects. While far from definitive, the results suggest that industry consolidation and mergers may have little effect on agricultural credit, as long as they do not lead to the outright closure of branches in rural areas.
AUTHORS: Levonian, Mark E.
DATE: 1996

Journal Article
Location, branching, and bank portfolio diversification: the case of agricultural lending
AUTHORS: Laderman, Elizabeth; Schmidt, Ronald H.; Zimmerman, Gary C.
DATE: 1991

Journal Article
Agricultural credit conditions
AUTHORS: Furlong, Frederick T.; Pozdena, Randall
DATE: 1985

Journal Article
Farm Credit System
AUTHORS: Furlong, Frederick T.; Pozdena, Randall
DATE: 1985

Journal Article
Farmer Mac and the secondary market
AUTHORS: Booth, James R.
DATE: 1990

Working Paper
Bank risk ratings and the pricing of agricultural loans
In this paper, we review the prevalence of the use of risk ratings by commercial banks that participated in the Federal Reserve's Survey of Terms of Bank Lending to Farmers between 1997 and 2002. We find that adoption of risk rating procedures held about steady over the period, with a little less than half the banks on the panel either not using a risk rating system, or reporting the same rating for all their loans in the survey. However, most of these banks were small, and roughly four-fifths of all sample loans carried an informative risk rating. We found that after controlling for the size and performance of the bank and as many nonprice terms of the loan as possible, banks consistently charged higher rates of interest for the farm loans that they characterized as riskier, with an average difference in rates between the most risky and least risky loans of about 1-1/2 percentage points.
AUTHORS: Barry, Peter J.; Walraven, Nicholas
DATE: 2003


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