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Keywords:Agricultural credit 

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, November 21, 1985 (discount window lending to Farm Credit System and agricultural banks)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jan

Working Paper
The realignment in farm lending: strategic issues for the 1990s

Research Working Paper , Paper 91-01

Credit conditions at agricultural banks

Agricultural Letter , Issue Aug , Pages 2-3

Journal Article
Ag finances improve, but farmers still struggling

Fedgazette , Volume 12 , Issue Oct , Pages 15

Journal Article
Renewal of temporary simplified seasonal credit program

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Apr

Journal Article
Farm credit developments in the central Mississippi valley

Review , Volume 49 , Issue Jul , Pages 8-16

Journal Article
U.S. agricultural credit conditions: drought strikes the plains

Main Street Economist , Issue 8

Journal Article
The performance and viability of agricultural banks in the Tenth Federal Reserve District

Financial Industry Perspectives

Journal Article
Stripdowns and bankruptcy: lessons from agricultural bankruptcy reform

One type of financial reform being proposed to deal with the aftermath of the housing crisis is allowing bankruptcy judges the authority to modify residential mortgages in a way referred to as a stripdown. The reform is seen by some as a partial solution to the rise in foreclosures and as a Pandora?s box by others. But the debate is not new one. The 1980s farm foreclosure crisis sparked similar proposals and concerns. Congress decided to enact legislation that contained a stripdown provision, resulting in the creation of Chapter 12 in the bankruptcy code. The effects of Chapter 12 stripdown ...
Economic Commentary , Issue Aug


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