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Journal Article
Rising oil prices and economic turmoil: must they always go hand in hand?
When oil prices jump, people get jumpy-especially when the Fed is bumping up interest rate targets at the same time. Why? Because these two events have accompanied virtually every recession since World War II. At least until now.
AUTHORS: Kliesen, Kevin L.
DATE: 2001

Journal Article
How dangerous is the U.S. current account deficit?
Although this deficit has been rising steadily since the early 1990s, a "hard landing" for the U.S. economy is unlikely. One reason is that only in the United States can so many foreigners invest so much money and get such good returns.
AUTHORS: Coughlin, Cletus C.; Pakko, Michael R.; Poole, William
DATE: 2006

Journal Article
Federal funds, tax increase help Owensboro shore up its economy
An unprecedented amount of aid was extended by the Treasury, Fed and FDIC to companies, agencies and individuals. This aid was necessary and, in many cases, will return a profit to taxpayers.
AUTHORS: Thomson, Susan C.
DATE: 2011

Journal Article
Signs point toward another jobless recovery
AUTHORS: Kliesen, Kevin L.
DATE: 2010

Journal Article
Service industries keep employment steady in Arkansas' capital
AUTHORS: Pennington-Cross, Anthony
DATE: 2005

Journal Article
Credit to Noncorporate Businesses Remains Tight
AUTHORS: Sanchez, Juan M.
DATE: 2014-October

Journal Article
A low inflation policy is a pro-growth policy
AUTHORS: Melzer, Thomas C.
DATE: 1994-July

Journal Article
District Overview: Income Inequality Is Growing in the District, but Not as Fast as in the Nation
Income inequality has increased in the St. Louis Fed's District over the past 30 years, although at a slower pace than in the nation as a whole. In both areas, the inequality is increasing primarily between the top-income earners and the middle-income earners.
AUTHORS: Dvorkin, Maximiliano; Shell, Hannah
DATE: 2015

Journal Article
Splitsville: the economics of unilateral divorce
New studies have looked at the impact of easier divorce on everything from women working outside the home to children's education to spousal violence.
AUTHORS: Owyang, Michael T.; Engemann, Kristie M.
DATE: 2008

Journal Article
Labor Indicators: Some of Today's Trends Pre-Date the Great Recession
Although the unemployment rate is strong these days, other labor-related statistics are being called weak for this stage of an economic recovery. The downward trend in labor force participation, wage growth, job reallocation and other stats started a long time ago, however.
AUTHORS: Sanchez, Juan M.; Kudlyak, Marianna
DATE: 2016




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