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Series:The Regional Economist  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis 

Journal Article
Financial Markets Signal Concern about U.S. Economic Growth
Markets are increasingly worried about the risk of recession, but economic data are mixed.
AUTHORS: Kliesen, Kevin L.
DATE: 2019

Journal Article
Man the lifeboats!
AUTHORS: Kliesen, Kevin L.
DATE: 2009-01

Journal Article
Questions about the budget deficit of the U.S. have no easy answers
This Q&A on the federal deficit is a preview of the "Dialogue with the Fed" that the public is invited to Oct. 18 at the St. Louis Fed.
AUTHORS: Emmons, William R.
DATE: 2011-10

Journal Article
Should we ax the capital gains tax?
AUTHORS: Meyer, Andrew P.
DATE: 1995-07

Journal Article
Economists weigh all the costs of health care
In evaluating health-care plans, economists look for the not-so-obvious costs, such as those related to adverse side effects, patients' lost productivity and even volunteers' time.
AUTHORS: Hokayem, Charles
DATE: 2002-07

Journal Article
The rise and fall of labor force participation in the U.S.
President's Message.
AUTHORS: Bullard, James B.
DATE: 2014-04

Journal Article
Tales from the flood
AUTHORS: Melzer, Thomas C.
DATE: 1993-10

Journal Article
A Spring-loaded economy?
AUTHORS: Kliesen, Kevin L.
DATE: 2014-01

Journal Article
Why health care matters and the current debt does not
All of the attention given to raising the debt ceiling this past summer might lead some to believe that spending by the federal government only recently became unsustainable. Hardly. We've been on this path a long time.
AUTHORS: Juvenal, Luciana; Fawley, Brett W.
DATE: 2011-10

Journal Article
Workers Abroad Are Catching Up to U.S. Skill Levels
Although U.S. workers still command a considerable lead with respect to most countries in the world, it is remarkable how strongly other countries have been able to catch up over the past 60 years. From essentially being the sole provider of high-skill workers for both the U.S. and the world economies, U.S. workers must compete, domestically and internationally, in knowledge and skills with workers from many other countries. No matter how tough the challenges brought on by more competition become, American workers?of all education levels?can obtain productive opportunities from knowledge emerging from the rest of the world.
AUTHORS: Monge-Naranjo, Alexander
DATE: 2017




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