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Series:The Regional Economist 

Journal Article
Cracks develop in furniture stronghold

Tupelo, Miss., remains the king of the upholstered furniture industry. But layoffs and shutdowns spur call for diversification.
The Regional Economist , Issue Jul , Pages 14-15

Journal Article
Effingham uses tax breaks to bounce back

The Regional Economist , Issue Jan , Pages 14-15

Journal Article
As Louisiana, Mo., embraces changes, economy bounces back

The Regional Economist , Issue Apr , Pages 20-22

Journal Article
If Fed becomes super regulator, politicians would be its kryptonite

If given broader regulatory authority, the Fed will probably face new challenges in executing its traditional responsibilities and in preserving its independence against political pressure.
The Regional Economist , Issue Jan , Pages 14-15

Journal Article
Aging and the Economy: The Japanese Experience

Because of its unusually high percentage of older people, Japan is heavily analyzed by other developed economies for studying the impact of aging on a macroeconomy. Does a large older population affect such things as output, inflation and labor force participation?
The Regional Economist , Issue Oct

Journal Article
Unconventional oil production: stuck in a rock and a hard place

Oil can be derived from oil sands and oil shale, but the job is both economically and environmentally costly. How high must the price of oil be in order to make these alternatives cost-effective?
The Regional Economist , Issue Jul , Pages 14-15

Journal Article
National Overview: Pace of Growth Is Expected To Quicken

There are a few negative developments that bode ill for the U.S. economy this year, but they are probably outweighed by recent positive developments. As a result, GDP growth is likely to be stronger this year than in 2014.
The Regional Economist , Issue Jan

Journal Article
Modest Improvement in Economy Expected over Rest of the Year

Strong job growth, consumer spending and housing activity bode well for the economy this year.
The Regional Economist , Issue April

Journal Article
Divestiture: a prescription for healthy competition

Our anti-trust laws dictate that bank mergers be rejected if they will substantially lessen competition in their markets. Yet bigger bank mergers are approved every year. What's going on? One word: divestiture.
The Regional Economist , Issue Jan , Pages 10-11

Journal Article
Household financial stress and home prices

The Regional Economist , Issue Jan




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