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Series:The Region  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis 

Journal Article
On economic literacy

The Region , Volume 13 , Issue Jun , Pages 14-17

Journal Article
A modest proposal for meaningful deposit insurance reform

The Region , Volume 11 , Issue Sep , Pages 2-3, 26

Journal Article
Interview with Clyde Farnsworth

It's said that financial management is one of Clyde Farnsworth's strengths, and that's to the benefit of the Federal Reserve System. For, as director of the Division of Federal Reserve Bank Operations for the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., Farnsworth has oversight responsibility for the nation's payment system, Federal Reserve services to financial institutions and the Fed's automation and communications system.
The Region , Issue June

Journal Article
Too big to forget

A research conference at the Minneapolis Fed honors the legacy of former President Gary Stern
The Region , Volume 24 , Issue June , Pages 48-49

Journal Article
The economic war among the states: a conference held in Washington, D.C. on May 21-22, 1996

The Region , Volume 10 , Issue Jun

Journal Article
Shadowing the shadow

The Shadow Open Market Committee has persistently, and faithfully, trailed its Federal Reserve namesake for 20 years
The Region , Issue Jun , Pages 10-15

Journal Article
Addressing TBTF when banks merge: a proposal

A proposed bank merger and acquisition (M&A) provides a unique opportunity to address too big to fail concerns?the problem of big banks taking undue risks due to creditors? perceptions that government policymakers will bail them out to prevent spillovers from bank collapse. Under a preliminary reform proposal, the Federal Reserve, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the U.S. Treasury would, as part of the review process for large bank M&As, be required to report on how they are putting large bank creditors at risk of loss. Linking M&A reviews to TBTF management reviews would have ...
The Region , Volume 19 , Issue Sep , Pages 6-11

Journal Article
Gross domestic product: understanding news from noise

The Region , Volume 16 , Issue Jun , Pages 6-11

Journal Article
Local economic development: at your service

The Region , Volume 12 , Issue Apr , Pages 1

Journal Article
The veil of discretion: does the Fed have too much freedom?

A new look at how much discretion the Fed should have in setting monetary policy.
The Region , Volume 18 , Issue Jun , Pages 10-13, 42-47




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