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Series:Staff Studies 

Discussion Paper
Obtaining the yield on a standard bond from a sample of bonds with heterogeneous characteristics

Staff Studies , Paper 77

Discussion Paper
Bank mergers and banking structure in the United States, 1980-98

The U.S. banking industry experienced a sustained and unprecedented merger movement from 1980 to 1998. During that period, approximately 8,000 bank mergers occurred, involving about $2.4 trillion in acquired assets. The 1990s, especially 1994-98, was a period of numerous large bank mergers, including several that were among the largest in U.S. banking history. This study describes various aspects of that bank merger activity and some of the changes in U.S. banking structure and performance that took place during 1980-98. With respect to bank merger activity, the study examines the number and ...
Staff Studies , Paper 174

Discussion Paper
Compliance costs and consumer benefits of the electronic fund transfer act : recent survey evidence

Staff Studies , Paper 143

Discussion Paper
Measures of industrial production and final demand

Staff Studies , Paper 24

Discussion Paper
Individuals as a source of loan funds for state and local governments

Staff Studies , Paper 29

Discussion Paper
The relative importance of monetary and fiscal variables in determining price level movements: a note

Staff Studies , Paper 60

Discussion Paper
Bank loan commitments

Staff Studies , Paper 113

Discussion Paper
The availability of mortgage lending commitments

Staff Studies , Paper 54

Discussion Paper
Some implications of financial innovations in the United States

Staff Studies , Paper 139

Discussion Paper
Mexico's economic and financial record

Staff Studies , Paper 23



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