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Series:Southwest Economy  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas 

Journal Article
Another great Texas boom
AUTHORS: Sigalla, Fiona; Mine K. Yücel
DATE: 2001-01

Journal Article
Regional roundup
AUTHORS: Sigalla, Fiona
DATE: 1998-01

Journal Article
Mexico Struggles to Move into Digital Payment Age
AUTHORS: Perez, Michael
DATE: 2019-07

Journal Article
A look at the top U.S. trading partners
AUTHORS: Thomas, Michelle; Gould, David M.
DATE: 1995-11

Journal Article
Spotlight: Imports and Exports: Container trade thriving in Texas
The real value of trade processed through Texas ports grew at nearly twice the national pace. Rapid growth in trade with Asia implies that containerized shipping--the movement of goods by standardized intermodal cargo containers--will play an increasingly prominent role. ; As container shipments to Texas increase, the need to transport containerized goods from West Coast ports by rail or truck will decrease. The comparative efficiency of shipping by sea is well noted. Further efficiencies will likely be realized through economies of scale as larger ships pass through the expanded Panama Canal. These efficiencies are good news not only for Texas but for U.S. consumers.
AUTHORS: Orrenius, Pia M.; Swadley, Adam
DATE: 2010-07

Journal Article
President’s Perspective
Rob Kaplan, president and CEO of the Dallas Fed, regularly speaks and writes on the factors that affect economic growth in the nation and Eleventh District. Here are some of his recent thoughts on key issues.
AUTHORS: Kaplan, Robert S.
DATE: 2019-07

Journal Article
What's in store for Texas cities
AUTHORS: Phillips, Keith R.; Vargas, Lucinda; Gilmer, Robert W.; Sigalla, Fiona
DATE: 1997-01

Journal Article
New Dallas Fed indicator tracks Texas retail sales
A new economic indicator published monthly by the Dallas Fed will provide timely estimates of retail sales in Texas.
AUTHORS: Canas, Jesus; Phillips, Keith R.
DATE: 2008-09

Journal Article
Rolling recessions
AUTHORS: Koo, Jahyeong; Wynne, Mark A.; Dolmas, Sheila
DATE: 1997-09

Journal Article
New tool gauges impact of exchange rates on states
States with relatively more employment tied to international trade are increasingly likely to be sensitive to exchange rate movements, and face sharply different effective exchange rate shifts, often provoked by economic or financial crises. ; Analysts need a tool to more effectively gauge the sometimes varied impact of exchange rate movements on states. In this article, we introduce a measure that compares the value of the dollar against the currencies of countries with which each of the 50 states trade--the real trade-weighted value of the dollar (RTWVD) index. ; To assess the impact of exchange rates on states, the RTWVD weights the U.S. dollar exchange rate with various countries based on a state's share of exports. It is a "real" measure because it adjusts the exchange rate for different rates of inflation. The index will allow analysts to more precisely identify the exchange rates that most affect a state's economy.
AUTHORS: Phillips, Keith R.; Davalos, Barbara; Brzezinski, Steve
DATE: 2010-10




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