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Series:Southwest Economy 

Journal Article
Is umemployment too low? How welfare reform and technology are creating a new employment standard

Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 5-8

Journal Article
U.S. inflation and the international economy

Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 6

Journal Article
Regional update

Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 11

Journal Article
President’s Perspective

Rob Kaplan, president and CEO of the Dallas Fed, regularly speaks and writes on the factors that affect economic growth in the nation and Eleventh District. Here are some of his recent thoughts on key issues.
Southwest Economy , Issue Second Quarter

Journal Article
President's perspective

Dallas Fed President Richard W. Fisher discusses economic conditions in Texas, and the specialized tools used by the Dallas Research Department to analyze the Texas economy.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q3 , Pages 2

Journal Article
Spotlight: Abundant Sunshine Not Enough to Power Texas Residential Solar Energy

The Texas electricity market doesn?t shine in residential solar energy despite plentiful sunlight. While Texas is No. 1 in wind power, its residential solar capacity per capita was less than one-third that of the U.S. average in 2017.
Southwest Economy , Issue First Quarter , Pages 14-14

Journal Article
California's electricity woes: a vision of the future?

Southwest Economy , Issue May , Pages 1-6

Journal Article
Regional update : Texas job growth still strong despite slowdown in housing

Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 15

Journal Article
Snapshot: Texas Employment Estimate Debuts

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ new Texas Weekly Employment Estimate (TWEE) is a timely tool to monitor evolving economic conditions while awaiting release of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ establishment survey of employment.
Southwest Economy , Issue Third Quarter

Journal Article
On the record: Georgia data quantify impact of undocumented workers

Julie Hotchkiss, research economist and policy adviser at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and an adjunct professor at Georgia State University, obtained access to unique data that contain virtually all the wage records of Georgia?s workforce. She and her coauthors devised an algorithm based on millions of wage records between 1990 and 2009 to identify undocumented workers? experiences.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q2 , Pages 8-9




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