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Series:Regional Spotlight  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 

Journal Article
Regional Spotlight: Evaluating Metro Unemployment Rates Throughout the Business Cycle
Not all unemployment is the same, especially when comparing RVs with MDs.
AUTHORS: Scavette, Adam
DATE: 2019

Journal Article
Pension Gap Perils
Pennsylvania and New Jersey?s pension systems are severely straining their state budgets, and Delaware?s also carry shortfalls Are the significant shortfalls in tristate public pension funds actually far worse than official reports suggest?
AUTHORS: Sen, Elif
DATE: 2016-04

Journal Article
Regions defined and dissected
In 2013, the federal government confirmed what every kid from Waynesboro, PA, had understood 50 years earlier ? that Franklin County was inextricably tied to the Washington?Baltimore region. Forsaking the Phillies and Pirates, Little Leaguers from south-central Pennsylvania traveled instead to watch Frank Robinson in the Orioles? outfield. In the fall, local families jeered the Eagles and Steelers, and cheered as Johnny Unitas led the Baltimore Colts to victories. Good-paying jobs beckoned and TV signals emanated from over the Blue Ridge mountains and inside the dual beltways.
AUTHORS: Flora, Paul R.
DATE: 2015-10

Journal Article
What's holding back homebuilding?
Homebuilding is typically a casualty of economic downturns, but it is also true that most economic recoveries are built upon a resumption of pounding hammers and buzzing blades. Not so with the recovery from the Great Recession. After new home construction slowed dramatically in the recession, the sector not only failed to lead the overall recovery as usual but significantly lagged it. Even now that overall economic growth and employment have largely resumed growing solidly, homebuilding and construction employment levels remain far below normal in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware as well as in the nation.
AUTHORS: Flora, Paul R.
DATE: 2015-04

Journal Article
Regional Spotlight: Surveying the South Jersey Economy
After 25 years and two recessions, how well has our South Jersey Business Survey tracked the local economy?
AUTHORS: Trebing, Michael E.
DATE: 2017-04

Journal Article
Regional Spotlight: The State of the States
The U.S. economy has been expanding for seven years ? but don?t tell that to a handful of states that have suffered recessions recently. Paul R. Flora discusses how Philadelphia Fed indexes may aid in the tricky business of identifying recession patterns among the 50 states.
AUTHORS: Flora, Paul R.
DATE: 2016-10

Journal Article
Regional Spotlight: Purchasing Power Across the U.S.
Where you live can determine how far a dollar goes. But pay varies regionally, too. To get a true picture of an area?s affordability, it helps to understand regional price parities.
AUTHORS: Sen, Elif; Scavette, Adam
DATE: 2017-10

Journal Article
Regional Spotlight: Smart Growth for Regions of All Sizes
Pittsburgh?s population has shrunk by 400,000 since 1969, making it the poster child for urban shrinkage. So why is it doing so well? Sometimes, smaller really is better.
AUTHORS: Flora, Paul R.
DATE: 2019-04




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