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Journal Article
Consumption trends of the U.S. hispanic population from 1980-2003

Between 1980 and 2003, the number of Hispanics in the United States increased dramatically from 14.6 million to 39.2 million. As a proportion of the national population, the share of Hispanics more than doubled from 6 percent to nearly 14 percent during this period. Projections from the U.S. Census Bureau indicate this trend will continue well into the future: Hispanics are expected to comprise 20.1 percent of the U.S. population, or 73.1 million individuals, by 2030. In addition to being a huge source of population growth, Hispanics have also been playing an increasingly important role in ...
Profitwise , Issue Oct

Journal Article
Detroit’s Proposed Community Benefits Ordinance

The Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) model was created in the late 1990s as a tool to ensure that neighborhood residents would benefit from economic development projects, which are often heavily subsidized by taxpayer dollars. A CBA is a project-specific agreement between a developer and a broad community coalition that details the project?s contributions to the community and ensures community support for the project. Properly structured CBAs are legally binding and directly enforceable by the signatories. According to The Partnership for Working Families, the Community Benefits Model works ...
Profitwise , Issue 3 , Pages 4-8

Journal Article
Bankruptcy: three Years after the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005

On October 17, 2005, a major U.S. federal bankruptcy reform law took effect. This change (the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, a.k.a. the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005) had been over 10 years in the making and represented the culmination of years of effort on the part of both consumer advocates and lenders, as well as regulators and others. This act amended the 1978 bankruptcy code, and was the most significant and sweeping change since that date. We summarized this seminal change in bankruptcy, focusing on nonbusiness filing ramifications, in the April 2006 ...
Profitwise , Issue Jun , Pages 12-17

Journal Article
Community Land Trust Model: Opportunities and Challenges of Preserving Affordable Housing

At least a dozen low-income apartment buildings exclusively for seniors in Detroit?s midtown and downtown areas could convert to market rate apartments in the next ten years, forcing hundreds of seniors to find new homes. Many of the senior apartment buildings were filled in the 1980s when few people wanted to live downtown. Senior subsidies paid by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) comprise one way to keep a level of density in the central districts. Today, stories of young professionals unable to find affordable housing in these high-profile neighborhoods (known as ...
Profitwise , Issue 2 , Pages 18-23

Journal Article
CFED’s assets and opportunity scorecard highlights national inconsistencies in financial security

Asset building plays an integral role in alleviating poverty and bolstering financial security for individuals and families. Assets move families beyond living paycheck to paycheck and give them tools to plan for the future. But in order to improve asset building in the future, we first have to determine where we stand today. To do this, the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED), a nonprofit organization that works to promote economic opportunity, has created its most comprehensive tool yet to measure ownership and financial security, the Assets and Opportunity Scorecard: Financial ...
Profitwise , Issue Feb , Pages 6-7

Journal Article
CEDA community development fund ATM demonstration project

Profitwise , Issue Spr , Pages 11

Journal Article
An Analysis of SBA Loans in Lower-income and Black neighborhoods in Detroit and Michigan

In this article, we analyze the extent to which the Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) loan guarantee program helps facilitate flows of credit to small businesses in the city of Detroit, and to black and low- and moderate-income neighborhoods in Michigan. In an environment of financial austerity and constrained small business credit, federal government programs like those administered by the SBA can facilitate lending to businesses. The SBA administers several programs designed to encourage lenders to provide loans to small businesses that might not otherwise obtain financing on ...
Profitwise , Issue Spring , Pages 1-26

Journal Article
Strategies for improving economic mobility of workers: a conference report

The issue of economic opportunity for the disadvantaged has grown in importance. We?ve witnessed healthy job creation rates in recent years, and by almost all measures American workers, overall, have gained economic ground. Yet, at the same time, it?s also well known that inequality in economic outcomes has increased. Those at the bottom of the income distribution have not grown as fast as those on the top, and may even be stagnating. These trends imply that segments of the labor force have relatively more limited chances for economic mobility.
Profitwise , Issue Sep , Pages 1-10

Journal Article
Employment Challenges for the Formerly Incarcerated

The U.S. economy is on a historic run of job creation, with 76 straight months of job growth as of June 2016. Many firms are looking for new pools of talent as traditional pools are increasingly absorbed by rising employment. Wages are beginning to rise more rapidly than they have for several years, with ADP?s Workforce Vitality Report for Q1 2016 estimating annual wage growth for full-time job holders of 4.7 percent. The strengthening labor market provides an opportunity for both employers and policymakers to reconsider the status of subgroups that face distinct barriers to the job market. ...
Profitwise , Issue 2 , Pages 14-17

Journal Article
FLLIP's \\"your money & your life\\" financial regulation education program high marks after first year

Profitwise , Issue Spr , Pages 8-9




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