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Series:Proceedings  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland 

Conference Paper
Borrowing constraints on families with young children
AUTHORS: Lochner, Lance; Caucutt, Elizabeth M.
DATE: 2005

Conference Paper
Innovation in education--proceedings of a conference held in Cleveland, Ohio, November 17-18, 2005
Education, from elementary to adult, plays a crucial role in economic development. This conference focuses on the role of innovation in education. The longer-term benefits innovation can bring about are often obscured by short-term turmoil.
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 2005-11

Conference Paper
U.S. ethnic scientists and foreign direct investment (FDI) placement patterns
William Kerr?s analysis looked at how knowledge is transferred across countries through ethnic research communities. He finds that the ethnic composition of inventors in a company affects where a firm decides to invest. The idea is that if a company has a core set of researchers from a specific ethnic community, it more likely to engage in foreign direct investment in that country, as well. Kerr concludes that these ethnic research communities create knowledge channels that facilitate the transfer of technology across countries.
AUTHORS: Kerr, William R.
DATE: 2006

Conference Paper
Inflation uncertainty; a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Nov. 4-6, 1992.
AUTHORS: special issue; Gavin, William T.
DATE: 1993-08

Conference Paper
Who should act as lender of last resort? an incomplete contracts model
AUTHORS: Repullo, Rafael
DATE: 2000

Conference Paper
The long-run behavior of velocity: the institutional approach revisited: introduction
AUTHORS: Jonung, Lars; Bordo, Michael D.
DATE: 1990

Conference Paper
Search, bargaining, money and prices: recent results and policy implications
AUTHORS: Trejos, Alberto; Wright, Randall
DATE: 1993

Conference Paper
From ideas to innovations: moving technology toward the marketplace through universities and national labs
Our nation?s leadership, and perhaps even our economic viability, depends on the willingness and ability of businesses, industries, research institutions, and colleges and universities to work together. Collaborative excellence at the intersections of science, technology, and the marketplace holds the key to our future.
AUTHORS: Kohrt, Carl F.
DATE: 2006




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