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Series:On the Economy  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis 

What Are the Fed’s Dollar Swap Lines and FIMA Repos, and Why Do They Matter?

Making it easier for central banks to access U.S. dollars helps calm exchange rate volatility and allow markets and credit lines to operate smoothly.
On the Economy

Jobs Hardest Hit by the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially affected labor markets. Which industries and occupations had the largest employment declines between February and April?
On the Economy

Why Human Capital Matters Why Human Capital Matters

An economist at the St. Louis Fed discusses the growing importance of human capital in determining a nation’s income.
On the Economy

Tokens vs. Accounts: Why the Distinction Still Matters

Computer science experts may say the difference is irrelevant in the digital world. But when it comes to payments, distinguishing the two still has value in the real world.
On the Economy

How Financially Fit Are American Retirees?

From 1989 to 2016, the wealth of retired households increased in real terms. But data also indicated that wealth inequality worsened among retirees.
On the Economy

Tracking the Economic Impact of the Pandemic Using High-Frequency Data

High-frequency data can provide a quicker snapshot of economic conditions than data that take weeks or months to become available.
On the Economy

How Does the Pandemic Recession Stack Up against the Great Depression?

The 2020 recession may turn out to be the sharpest, but also the shortest, in modern times and perhaps of all time in the U.S.
On the Economy

Key Elements of the Fed’s New Monetary Policy Strategy

In August, the Fed announced completion of its framework review that resulted in a new monetary policy strategy. How does the new strategy differ from the previous one?
On the Economy

Construction’s Impact on Other Industries during the Great Recession Construction’s Impact on Other Industries during the Great Recession

Industries that trade heavily with the construction industry were hit sooner and harder by the Great Recession than those that don’t.
On the Economy

Bank Supervision Adapts to Pandemic Challenges

Communication between bank management and bank supervisors will remain vital to understanding the challenges banks are facing.
On the Economy




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