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Series:Macro Bulletin  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City 

Journal Article
Wage Leaders and Laggards: Decomposing the Growth in Average Hourly Earnings
Wage growth has accelerated gradually over the past two years, largely due to a pickup in wage growth in a few industries ? the wage leaders. {{p}} Another, larger group of industries ? the wage laggards ? has not contributed at all to the acceleration. But the wage laggards have seen relatively strong growth in hours worked over the past two years, indicating rising labor demand that could lead to a further acceleration in overall wage growth.
AUTHORS: Van Zandweghe, Willem
DATE: 2017-02

Journal Article
Global Uncertainty in the Wake of Brexit
Hakkio and Sly find that increased global uncertainty after Brexit will be a major concern for the United Kingdom, a modest concern for the euro area, and a minor concern for the United States.
AUTHORS: Hakkio, Craig S.; Sly, Nicholas
DATE: 2016-09

Journal Article
The Weak Outlook for Residential Investment
Jordan Rappaport suggests supply-side factors will continue to constrain single-family home construction and sales into 2017.
AUTHORS: Rappaport, Jordan
DATE: 2016-10

Journal Article
Waiting for a Pickup: GDP and the Sharing Economy
AUTHORS: Redmond, Michael
DATE: 2017-04

Journal Article
How Does a Rise in International Shipping Costs Affect U.S. Inflation?
Trenton Herriford, Elizabeth M. Johnson, Nicholas Sly, and A. Lee Smith find that an increase in ocean shipping costs leads to a modest boost in core inflation after one year.
AUTHORS: Smith, Andrew Lee; Sly, Nicholas; Johnson, Elizabeth; Herriford, Trenton
DATE: 2016-12

Journal Article
Forecasting the Stance of Monetary Policy under Balance Sheet Adjustments
AUTHORS: Davig, Troy A.; Smith, Andrew Lee
DATE: 2017-05

Journal Article
The Large Unmet Demand for Housing
AUTHORS: Rappaport, Jordan
DATE: 2017-04

Journal Article
What is Behind the Recent Increase in Labor Force Participation?
Didem Tzemen and Jonathan L. Willis find that the recent increase in labor force participation is due not to more workers entering the labor force, but to fewer workers exiting it.
AUTHORS: Willis, Jonathan L.; Tuzemen, Didem
DATE: 2016-11

Journal Article
The Drag of Energy and Manufacturing on Productivity Growth
Willem Van Zandweghe finds a decline in manufacturing and mining activity has slowed overall productivity growth.
AUTHORS: Van Zandweghe, Willem
DATE: 2016-04

Journal Article
Has China’s Growth Reached a Turning Point?
A new measure of China?s economic activity shows its momentum has increased in the first half of the year?however, an analysis of its underlying forces suggests this momentum may not be sustainable. In addition, strength in policy-related variables has been waning, creating additional downside risks to near-term growth.
AUTHORS: Nie, Jun; Jia, Yandong
DATE: 2017-08




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