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Series:Financial Letters  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City 

Journal Article
Tenth district banking developments in 1987
AUTHORS: VanNahmen, Deana
DATE: 1988-01

Journal Article
The monetary aggregates: growth in 1987 and targets for 1988
AUTHORS: Jacobson, Kristina; Kahn, George A.
DATE: 1988-03

Journal Article
Capacity utilization and inflation in the current business expansion
AUTHORS: Garner, C. Alan
DATE: 1988-06

Journal Article
Employment growth in the tenth district
AUTHORS: Smith, Tim R.
DATE: 1988-07

Journal Article
A united European Community by 1992
AUTHORS: Jacobson, Kristina
DATE: 1988-09

Journal Article
The drought of 1988
AUTHORS: Barkema, Alan; Stanley, Julie A.
DATE: 1988-10

Journal Article
Bank profitability in Tenth District states
AUTHORS: Reigel, Julia
DATE: 1988-12

Journal Article
PLAMs: a new type of mortgage
AUTHORS: VanNahmen, Deana
DATE: 1989-01

Journal Article
Does the inverted yield curve signal a recession?
AUTHORS: Faust, Jon
DATE: 1989-03

Journal Article
Labor compensation and inflation
AUTHORS: Kahn, George A.
DATE: 1989-05