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Series:FEDS Notes  Bank:Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (U.S.) 

Discussion Paper
The FOMC Meeting Minutes : An Assessment of Counting Words and the Diversity of Views

The Federal Reserve's communications with the public have evolved substantially since the early 1990s.
FEDS Notes , Paper 2015-05-26-2

Discussion Paper
Breaking Down TRACE Volumes Further

This joint FEDS Note and Liberty Street Economics blog post from staff at the Board of Governors and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York aims to share further initial insights on Treasury cash transactions reported in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)’s Trace Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE).
FEDS Notes , Paper 2018-11-29

Discussion Paper
The Social Discount Rate in Developing Countries

The "social discount rate" is the interest rate used in cost-benefit analyses of infrastructure and other public projects.
FEDS Notes , Paper 2014-10-09

Discussion Paper
Projected Evolution of the SOMA Portfolio and the 10-Year Treasury Term Premium Effect

An earlier Feds note used staff models to provide a projection for the evolution of the SOMA portfolio and an estimate of the associated term premium effect (TPE) on the 10-year Treasury yield. That analysis relied on economic, financial, and monetary policy assumptions as of April 2017. With the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announcing a change in its reinvestment policy in its September 2017 post-meeting statement, this note provides updated projections.
FEDS Notes , Paper 2017-09-22

Discussion Paper
Unlocking the Treasury Market through TRACE

This joint FEDS Note and Liberty Street Economics blog post from staff at the Board of Governors and Federal Reserve Bank of New York aims to share initial insights on the Treasury cash transactions data reported to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)'s Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE).
FEDS Notes , Paper 2018-09-28-1

Discussion Paper
Risk Transfer Across Economic Sectors using Credit Default Swaps

Credit default swaps (CDS) play an important role in distributing risk in the global financial system.
FEDS Notes , Paper 2014-09-03

Discussion Paper
Looking for Shortages of Skilled Labor in the Manufacturing Sector

Anecdotal reports have suggested that some firms have struggled to find sufficient numbers of skilled workers.
FEDS Notes , Paper 2013-09-26-1

Discussion Paper
Recent Trends in Small Business Lending and the Community Reinvestment Act

In this note, we analyze data on small business loan originations collected under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) to document heterogeneity in the recovery in small business lending since the financial crisis.
FEDS Notes , Paper 2018-01-02

Discussion Paper
SOMA's Unrealized Loss : What Does it Mean?

This note discusses the various valuation measures of the Fed’s securities holdings, what these values mean, and the expected evolution of the value of the SOMA portfolio.
FEDS Notes , Paper 2018-08-13-2

Discussion Paper
Macroeconomic Sources of Recent Interest Rate Fluctuations

The authors use a new statistical method to attribute daily changes in U.S. Treasury yields and inflation compensation to changes in investor beliefs about domestic and foreign growth, inflation, and monetary policy.
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