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Series:Economic Synopses  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis 

Journal Article
U.S. Job Polarization Persists
Job polarization has existed before, during, and since the Great Recession.
AUTHORS: Canon, Maria E.; Liu, Yang
DATE: 2014

Journal Article
The great foreign exchange intervention of 2011
In response to volatile market conditions, the G-7 financial authorities announced late on March 17 that they would jointly intervene the next day to reduce the value of the yen, citing concerns about ?excess volatility and disorderly movements.? The yen immediately depreciated and traded with much less volatility in the subsequent week.
AUTHORS: Neely, Christopher J.
DATE: 2011

Journal Article
Unemployment and the role of monetary policy
On balance, the figure suggests that structural unemployment during economic downturns has increased since 1991.
AUTHORS: Juvenal, Luciana; Fawley, Brett W.
DATE: 2010

Journal Article
The European debt crisis and U.S. economic growth
The recent strengthening of the correlations between U.S. GDP growth and that of Mexico, Canada, and Euro-19 validates further consideration of the performance of U.S. trade partners for growth.
AUTHORS: Banternghansa, Chanont; Peralta-Alva, Adrian
DATE: 2010

Journal Article
How Accurate Are Measures of Long-Term Inflation Expectations?
Inflation expectations formed in the mid-2000s weren?t very accurate?in large part because of the shocks from the recession and financial crisis.
AUTHORS: Kliesen, Kevin L.
DATE: 2015

Journal Article
Why is employment growth so low?
Anemic investment in residential and commercial real estate has been a significant factor contributing to slow growth in employment.
AUTHORS: Thornton, Daniel L.; Sanchez, Juan M.
DATE: 2011

Journal Article
Resolving a banking crisis, the Nordic way
The Nordic bank resolution is widely regarded as among the most successful in history. ; Also issued as Monetary Trends, April 2009
AUTHORS: Anderson, Richard G.
DATE: 2009

Journal Article
How not to reduce excess reserves
Experience demonstrates that raising reserve requirements is surely not the best way to eliminate excess reserves.
AUTHORS: Wheelock, David C.
DATE: 2009

Journal Article
Measuring financial market stress
Although the St. Louis Financial Stress Index suggests the level of financial stress in the markets has declined significantly since September 2008, the stress level remains modestly higher than average.
AUTHORS: Smith, Douglas C.; Kliesen, Kevin L.
DATE: 2010

Journal Article
Monetary policy at the zero bound
The average relationship between changes in the 10-year Treasury yield and changes in the funds rate over the 1987-2007 sample period is not indicative of the relationship between changes in the funds rate and changes in the 10-year Treasury yield that existed for more than a decade prior to the financial crisis.
AUTHORS: Thornton, Daniel L.
DATE: 2011




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