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Series:Economic Synopses  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis 

Journal Article
The efficacy of the FOMC’s zero interest rate policy
If investment spending is sufficiently insensitive to interest rate changes and the effect of Fed actions on interest rates is sufficiently weak, the net effect of the persistent zero interest rate policy could be negative.
AUTHORS: Thornton, Daniel L.
DATE: 2012

Journal Article
Okun's law in recession and recovery
The relationship between unemployment and output growth changes during recoveries.
AUTHORS: Vermann, E. Katarina; Owyang, Michael T.
DATE: 2013

Journal Article
Revisiting GDP Growth Projections
Based largely on predicted trends for labor force participation, GDP is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 2.2 percent over the next decade.
AUTHORS: Martin, Fernando M.
DATE: 2016

Journal Article
Speculation in the oil market
Disentangling the true drivers of oil prices is a critical first step for allocating resources and designing good policy.
AUTHORS: Petrella, Ivan; Juvenal, Luciana
DATE: 2012

Journal Article
The Deleveraging of U.S. Households: Credit Card Debt over the Lifecycle
Individuals younger than 46 deleveraged the most after the financial crisis of 2008.
AUTHORS: Jiang, Helu; Sanchez, Juan M.
DATE: 2016

Journal Article
Long-Run Economic Effects of Changes in the Age Dependency Ratio
A decrease in the labor force and an increase in the elderly population could slow economic growth.
AUTHORS: Santacreu, Ana Maria
DATE: 2016

Journal Article
International trade integration and business cycle synchronization
The changes in international trade and finance are linked to the changes in business cycle correlations.
AUTHORS: Juvenal, Luciana
DATE: 2009

Journal Article
Understanding the Trade Imbalance and Employment Decline in U.S. Manufacturing
Economic analysis suggests that a trade war with China can neither stop the decline in American manufacturing employment nor eliminate the U.S. trade deficit, but it could significantly reduce the welfare of American consumers by making U.S. imports of Chinese goods more expensive. Moreover, it could cause the United States to lose its global leadership in free trade and globalization and facilitate China's rise as a world leader in trade and commerce. A better approach may be for policymakers to design policies that can ensure fair redistribution of the gains from free trade among American citizens and to reform the education system to prepare students for future jobs that require knowledge of automation and artificial intelligence.
AUTHORS: Reinbold, Brian; Wen, Yi
DATE: 2018

Journal Article
The Housing Supply Puzzle: Part 1, Divergent Markets
Over the past several months, the pace of U.S. home sales has shown few signs of growth, and as of February 2018, overall home sales were only slightly higher compared with year-ago levels.
AUTHORS: Ravikumar, B.; Karson, Evan; McGillicuddy, Joseph
DATE: 2018

Journal Article
Evolution of the Teen Abortion Rate in the United States
The number of teenage girls who have had an abortion has changed noticeably since the 1970s.
AUTHORS: Zhu, Heting; Vandenbroucke, Guillaume
DATE: 2018




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