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Series:Economic Review  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland 

Journal Article
Personal bankruptcy: theory and evidence
An evaluation of the impact of the new bankruptcy code, effective in 1979, on the number of personal bankruptcy filings in the United States.
AUTHORS: K.J. Kowalewski
DATE: 1982-04

Journal Article
The case for staggered-reserve accounting
An argument for an institutional reform to lengthen the reserve- accounting period from one week to four weeks and to stagger the reserve-accounting periods among four groups of banks. Such staggered- reserve accounting would allow the Federal Reserve to set operating targets for total reserves.
AUTHORS: Gavin, William T.
DATE: 1982-04

Journal Article
A basic analysis of the new protectionism
A discussion of the costs associated with trade restraint, focusing on devices currently used or recently proposed in the United States.
AUTHORS: Humpage, Owen F.; Anderson, Gerald H.
DATE: 1982-01

Journal Article
Operational policies of multibank holding companies
Using a 1979 survey of the organizational structure of 65 bank holding companies in 12 states, the author investigates the relationship between holding company structure and the performance of bank subsidiaries.
AUTHORS: Whalen, Gary
DATE: 1982-01

Journal Article
Plant closings and worker dislocation
A study of plant-closing laws, analyzing whether they are effective labor market policy instruments.
AUTHORS: Littman, Daniel A.; Lee, Myung-Hoon
DATE: 1983-10

Journal Article
Prevailing wage laws, the Federal Reserve, and the Service Contract Act
A discussion of the labor-market consequences of the Service Contract Act on Federal Reserve System costs and operations as they pertain to group transportation services.
AUTHORS: Sniderman, Mark S.
DATE: 1983-10

Journal Article
Location and reinvestment: the Youngstown steel district
A look at Youngstown's decline as a major steel producing center, emphasizing the city's competitive disadvantages and weakened investment profile, but contending that the steel district remains viable.
AUTHORS: Schnorbus, Robert H.
DATE: 1983-01

Journal Article
Thrifts and the competitive analysis of bank mergers
An examination of the competitive importance of thrift institutions in supplying financial services to local commercial customers. Based on empirical findings, a method is presented to adjust the market share of loan associations.
AUTHORS: Watro, Paul R.
DATE: 1983-01

Journal Article
Risk in large-dollar transfer systems
An examination of the concept of settlement risk, a description of the large-dollar payment system in the U.S., and an explanation of the increased concern about settlement risk.
AUTHORS: E.J. Stevens
DATE: 1984-10

Journal Article
Sources of change in rates of return on capital: 1952-1982
A reconsideration of the problem of a declining rate of return on capital. The emphasis is not on providing better numerical estimates of rates of return, but rather on identifying and quantifying the sources of change in the rates.
AUTHORS: Hinderliter, Roger H.
DATE: 1984-10




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