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Series:Economic Review 

Journal Article
The North American free trade agreement: what is at stake for U.S. agriculture?

Economic Review , Volume 77 , Issue Q III , Pages 5-20

Journal Article
Farm real estate values

Economic Review , Volume 62 , Issue Jan , Pages 13-20

Journal Article
Commodity prices and monetary policy reform

Economic Review , Volume 70 , Issue Feb , Pages 7-21

Journal Article
Going global : the changing pattern of U.S. investment abroad

Investors typically allocate only a small share of their portfolios to foreign assets. This pattern of investment behavior, known as ?home bias,? is puzzling because it causes investors to miss opportunities to diversify risks. During downturns in the U.S. economy, many domestic assets perform poorly, precisely when asset returns are most valuable. By purchasing foreign assets that are only partly affected by the U.S. business cycle, however, investors are able to hedge against adverse fluctuations in domestic income. ; Recent evidence suggests that home bias might actually be declining. Over ...
Economic Review , Volume 91 , Issue Q III , Pages 5-32

Journal Article
Union COLA's on the decline

Economic Review , Volume 71 , Issue Jun , Pages 10-25

Journal Article
Industrial diversity, growth, and volatility in the seven states of the Tenth District

State and local officials have long sought to diversify the mix of industries in their regions, hoping to reduce short-term volatility in their communities? economic growth rates and potentially boost overall long-term growth. ; While theory does suggest that industrial diversity can reduce economic volatility, views are mixed on whether and how industrial diversity affects long-term growth. ; Examining the varied landscape of industrial diversity across hundreds of counties in the Tenth District?s seven-state region, Felix finds that counties with greater diversity did see more economic ...
Economic Review , Volume 97 , Issue Q IV

Journal Article
Outlook 1977--a tenuous balance

Economic Review , Volume 61 , Issue Dec , Pages 11-20

Journal Article
Savings and loan associations: an analysis of the recent decline in profitability

Economic Review , Volume 67 , Issue Jul , Pages 3-19

Journal Article
Velocity behavior of the new monetary aggregates

Economic Review , Volume 66 , Issue Sep , Pages 3-17

Journal Article
The impact of new economic information on the volatility of short-term interest rates

Economic Review , Volume 68 , Issue Feb , Pages 3-15



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