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Series:Economic Review 

Journal Article
F.Y.I. measuring interstate migration

Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 26-40

Journal Article
Bank regulation and the public interest

Economic Review , Issue Spr , Pages 55-71

Journal Article
Forecasting industrial production using models with business cycle asymmetry

This paper exploits an observed business cycle asymmetry, namely, a systematic shift in the dynamic relationship between output growth and an index for financial market conditions across expansionary and contractionary periods, to forecast monthly growth in industrial production. A bivariate model of monthly industrial production and the spread between the yield on 10-year Treasury notes and the federal funds rate is used as an example. This paper's method does not require a forecaster to make an exact exante determination of turning points in the output series being forecasted. A ...
Economic Review

Journal Article
Depression or price controls : a fictitious dilemma for anti-inflation policy

An abstract for this article is not available
Economic Review , Volume 66 , Issue May , Pages 3-6

Journal Article
Deregulation: too much or not enough?

Economic Review , Issue Jan , Pages 4-10

Journal Article
Daylight overdrafts and payments system risks

During the last several years, the banking community has become increasingly aware of the risks faced by participants on electronic funds transfer (EFT) networks. Of particular concern have been the volume and incidence of daylight overdrafts on Fedwire and the risk of systemic failure due to the failure of a participant on one of the private EFT networks. In this article, David L. Mengle develops an economic framework for analyzing the risks borne by network participants, and then discusses several alternative risk reduction measures. Mengle argues that, on Fedwire, pricing of daylight ...
Economic Review , Volume 71 , Issue May , Pages 14-27

Journal Article
White-and-blue-collar jobs in the recent recession and recovery: who's singing the blues?

An investigation of the 1990-91 recession's impact on blue- versus white-collar workers, showing that although blue-collar workers bore the brunt of the downturn, white-collar employment growth was unusually slow by historical standards.
Economic Review , Volume 28 , Issue Q IV , Pages 2-12

Journal Article
Financial intermediation, monetary policy, and equilibrium business cycles

Economic Review , Issue Fall , Pages 19-28

Journal Article
The tax effect, and the recent behaviours of the after-tax real rate : is it too high?

Concerns that interest rates are too high have been prevalent throughout the 1980s. Even after adjusting for expected inflation, many people argue that real interest rates are inordinately high by historical standards. Yash Mehra, in his article The Tax Effect and the Recent Behaviour of the After-Tax Real Rate: Is It Too High?, points out that because interest income is taxed, business decisions are based on the after-tax real rate and public concern should focus on this measure of interest rates. Mehra adds to the accumulating evidence that changes in taxes on interest income alter the ...
Economic Review , Volume 70 , Issue Jul , Pages 8-20

Journal Article
Monetary policy - the possible and the impossible

An abstract for this article is not available.
Economic Review , Volume 67 , Issue Sep , Pages 6-19



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