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Series:Economic Review 

Journal Article
The federal budget deficit and the social security surplus

Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 2-13

Journal Article
Performance of urban information technology centers: the boom, the bust, and the future

After being emblematic of the U.S. economic surge in the late 1990s, urban areas that specialize in information technology (IT) products have more recently been struggling with the aftermath of the IT spending bust. To what degree can they bounce back and reemerge as leaders of innovative activity and production in the IT sector? We examine the characteristics of some of the nations leading IT centers, linking these characteristics to a discussion of economic research concerning the sources of growth in urban industrial centers. Although each of these IT centers was hit hard by the IT bust ...
Economic Review

Journal Article
Prospects for the tenth district energy industry

Economic Review , Volume 76 , Issue Jul , Pages 33-46

Journal Article
Why do banks' loan losses differ?

Economic Review , Volume 72 , Issue May , Pages 3-21

Journal Article
Does immigration reduce imbalances among labor markets or increase them? : evidence from recent migration flows

Immigration from abroad has increased dramatically since the 1960s, as workers from less developed countries have moved to the U.S. in search of higher wages. The new wave of immigration has reignited the debate about the impact of immigration on the economy. One way immigration affects the economy is through the labor market. At the national level, immigration is widely believed to harm native workers with similar skills by reducing their wages or their probability of obtaining a job. But immigration can also alter the allocation of workers across markets?either for better or for worse. If ...
Economic Review , Issue Q IV , Pages 47-79

Journal Article
A conference on price stability

A discussion of six papers presented at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland's Conference on Price Stability in November 1990, focusing on how recent developments in macroeconomic research have changed perceptions about optimal inflation policy.
Economic Review , Volume 27 , Issue Q IV , Pages 2-9

Journal Article
Understanding the fiscal theory of the price level

Price stability is an important goal of public policy. To reach this goal, two key questions must be addressed: How can price stability be achieved? And, how much price stability is desirable? The authors review the fiscal theory of the price level, with special emphasis on its implications for the feasibility and desirability of price stability.
Economic Review , Issue Q II , Pages 2-38

Journal Article
Tax policy and corporate capital structure

Economic Review , Issue Fall , Pages 37-51

Journal Article
Towards a theory of international banking

Economic Review , Issue Spr , Pages 5-8

Journal Article
Productivity in the U.S. economy: trends and implications

Economic Review , Volume 64 , Issue Nov , Pages 13-26



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