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Series:Economic Quarterly 

Journal Article
German monetary history in the first half of the twentieth century

Economic Quarterly , Issue Win , Pages 1-35

Journal Article
Gauging manufacturing activity: the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's survey of manufacturers

Economic Quarterly , Issue Win , Pages 79-98

Journal Article
Was the disinflation of the early 1980's anticipated?

Economic Quarterly , Issue Fall , Pages 41-60

Journal Article
Debit card interchange fee regulation: some assessments and considerations

The debit card interchange fee regulation introduced by the Durbin Amendment to the Dodd-Frank Act went into effect in October 2011. The regulation limits the maximum permissible interchange fee that a covered issuer can collect from merchants for a debit card transaction. In this article, we review the regulation's first-year impact on different players in the debit card market. We also discuss how the regulation may affect payments efficiency.
Economic Quarterly , Volume 98 , Issue 3Q , Pages 159-182

Journal Article
Heterogeneity in sectoral employment and the business cycle

Using a factor analytic framework, we show that employment variations differ significantly across sectors. In some sectors, notably in goods production, employment movements are driven almost entirely by aggregate shocks. Because aggregate shocks drive business cycles (i.e., sector-specific shocks tend to average out), these sectors are then particularly sensitive to these cycles. In other sectors, mainly in service-providing activities, employment variations are virtually unrelated to aggregate shocks and instead result almost exclusively from sector-specific shocks. This heterogeneity in ...
Economic Quarterly , Volume 95 , Issue Fall , Pages 335-355

Journal Article
Optimal nonlinear income taxation with costly tax avoidance

Economic Quarterly , Volume 93 , Issue Win , Pages 77-109

Journal Article
Price stability under long-run monetary targeting

Economic Quarterly , Issue Win , Pages 25-46

Journal Article
Were bank examiners too strict with New England and California banks?

Economic Quarterly , Issue Fall , Pages 25-47

Journal Article
How large has the federal financial safety net become?

Legislative and regulatory actions taken in response to the financial turmoil that occurred between 2007-2009 expanded the extent to which financial institution liabilities were protected by federal government guarantees, i.e., these actions expanded the federal financial safety net. How large has the safety net become? Walter and Weinberg (2002) measured and examined the size of the safety net as it stood in 1999. We estimate the size of the safety net as of the end of 2009, after the creation of a number of government programs meant to back financial liabilities. We use methods similar to ...
Economic Quarterly , Volume 96 , Issue 3Q , Pages 273-290

Journal Article
The new IS-LM model : language, logic, and limits

Economic Quarterly , Issue Sum , Pages 45-103




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