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Series:Economic Perspectives  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 

Journal Article
Bank funds management comes of age—a balance sheet analysis

Economic Perspectives , Volume 4 , Issue May

Journal Article
Policymaking under uncertainty: Gradualism and robustness

Some economists have recommended the robust control approach to the formulation of monetary policy under uncertainty when policymakers cannot attach probabilities to the scenarios that concern them. One critique of this approach is that it seems to imply aggressive policies under uncertainty, contrary to the conventional wisdom of acting more gradually in an uncertain environment. This article argues that aggressiveness is not a generic feature of robust control.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 33 , Issue Q II

Journal Article
Energy dependence and efficiency

Economic Perspectives , Volume 15 , Issue Sep , Pages 2-21

Journal Article
Including thrifts in bank merger analysis

Economic Perspectives , Volume 7 , Issue Jul , Pages 3-16

Journal Article
Technical correction: the inflation-adjusted index of the dollar

Economic Perspectives , Volume 11 , Issue Mar , Pages 29-31

Journal Article
Bull market in homes

Economic Perspectives , Volume 1 , Issue Jul , Pages 7-16

Journal Article
A review of regulatory mechanisms to control the volatility of prices

Economic Perspectives , Volume 18 , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Is there a role for gold in monetary policy?

Economic Perspectives , Volume 18 , Issue Mar , Pages 2-14

Journal Article
Growth in worker quality

This article shows that increases in the educational attainment and labor market experience of the U.S. work force have led to an advance in labor productivity of more than 0.2 percentage points per year since the early 1960s. Estimates show, however, some declaration in the pace of labor quality improvements toward the end of the 1990s. Forecasts call for a continued decline over the remainder of the current decade.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 25 , Issue Q IV , Pages 53-74

Journal Article
The credit risk-contingency system of an Asian development bank

This article offers a new method for the evaluation of financial institutions, one that combines socioeconomic survey data with appropriate accounting standards. A government-operated development bank in Thailand is found to be offering a risk-contingency or insurance system while being regulated as a more standard, loan-generating bank. Farmer clients experiencing adverse shocks receive indemnities that improve their well-being. With proper provisioning and accounts, that welfare gain could be weighed against premia or government subsidies.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 25 , Issue Q III




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