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Series:Economic Insights 

Journal Article
Banking Trends: Do Stress Tests Reduce Credit Growth?

Stress tests are supposed to ensure your access to credit during the next downturn, but some critics claim that they also limit your access to credit today. We test that theory.
Economic Insights , Volume 5 , Issue 1 , Pages 1-7

Journal Article
No More Californias

As American mobility declines, some wonder if we've lost our pioneer spirit. A closer look at the data suggests that the situation is less dire— and more complicated—than it at first appears.
Economic Insights , Volume 5 , Issue 1 , Pages 8-13

Journal Article
Regulating Consumer Credit and Protecting (Behavioral) Borrowers

Public policy debate around consumer credit has focused on consumer protection. But from whom are we protecting these borrowers?
Economic Insights , Volume 5 , Issue 1 , Pages 14-19

Journal Article
A Ticket to Ride: Estimating the Benefits of Rail Transit

Starting in 1990, Los Angeles County built a new and expensive rail transit system. Now we can calculate the costs and benefits.
Economic Insights , Volume 5 , Issue 2 , Pages 1-9

Journal Article
Central Bank Digital Currency: Is It a Good Idea?

A CBDC might make banking easier for you and me. It might also change how banks operate.
Economic Insights , Volume 5 , Issue 2 , Pages 9-15

Journal Article
House Price Booms, Then and Now

House prices rose rapidly in the run-up to the crash of 2007, but not everywhere. Understanding why can help us prepare for future recessions.
Economic Insights , Volume 5 , Issue 2 , Pages 16-21

Journal Article
Frederic Bastiat: world-class economic educator

Economic Insights , Volume 3 , Issue 1

Journal Article
The entrepreneur as hero

Economic Insights , Volume 2 , Issue 1

Journal Article
Hayek; social theorist of the century

Economic Insights , Volume 4 , Issue 1

Journal Article
Honest money

Economic Insights , Volume 1 , Issue 1 , Pages 2-3



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