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Series:Economic Commentary  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland 

Journal Article
Central bank credibility
Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig announced he would crack down on steroid use in baseball, hoping to stop players from doping. He was forced to discipline stars like Rafael Palmeiro, possibly hurting the game immediately, in order to develop a reputation for being tough on steroids. The Federal Reserve System has worked hard over the past few decades not only to lower inflation and keep it low, but also to convince the public that it is dedicated to delivering low inflation over the long haul. This Commentary explains why credibility is so important to monetary policymakers.
AUTHORS: Gomme, Paul
DATE: 2006-08

Journal Article
Shocks and the economic outlook
The U.S. economy has recently been hit by a number of supply shocks, and businesses and consumers have seen oil, food, and materials prices rise as a result. Such shocks typically take several years to play themselves out completely. I apply a downsized version of a macroeconomic forecasting model in use at the Cleveland Fed to project the likely quantitative impact of the shocks on GDP growth and consumer prices.
AUTHORS: Beauchemin, Kenneth
DATE: 2011-06

Journal Article
The debt burden: what you don't see
An examination of the federal deficit and a discussion of how an increasing debt burden could cause a serious threat to long-term U.S. economic growth.
AUTHORS: Carlson, John B.
DATE: 1985-05

Journal Article
The future of inflation
According to consumer price measures like the CPI, inflation has recently jumped up a notch. What those measures don?t tell us is whether the increase will persist. In this Commentary, we look at a measure that does. The measure incorporates data on past inflation rates, surveys of expected inflation, inflation swaps, and a variety of interest rates. It provides estimates of inflation, along with expected inflation and real interest rates. A look at the measure?s estimates suggests that the recent increases in inflation are likely to be temporary.
AUTHORS: Haubrich, Joseph G.
DATE: 2011-10

Journal Article
Will taxing imports help?
An examination of the possible impact on U.S. consumers and producers of placing an across-the-board tariff surcharge on imported goods.
AUTHORS: Humpage, Owen F.; Bryan, Michael F.
DATE: 1985-03

Journal Article
Trends in Revenues at US Colleges and Universities, 1987-2013
This Economic Commentary studies trends in inflated-adjusted revenues per student at US colleges and universities in broad revenue categories between 1987 and 2013. The findings show that, as is widely perceived, tuition revenue has risen over time at both public and private institutions. In recent years, tuition revenue at public institutions has been nearly as large a source of revenue as state and local government funding has been. Revenue from state and local governments has fluctuated at public institutions but has generally fallen over time, whereas funding from the federal government has risen. Investment returns are a large and highly variable source of revenue, especially for private institutions.
AUTHORS: Hinrichs, Peter
DATE: 2017-03

Journal Article
Merger Control in the Banking Sector
This Commentary discusses the implications of merger control policy on merger activity in the banking sector, drawing on an analysis of the European banking sector during a period in which stricter merger policies were being introduced. It identifies several changes to the bank mergers taking place after the introduction of the stricter policies that are consistent with higher expected returns for shareholders and more procompetitive transactions. The evidence suggests that the new merger policy was successful in preventing mergers that are excessively anticompetitive, while it also led to banks? finding mergers that are expected to deliver greater efficiency.
AUTHORS: Siedlarek, Jan-Peter
DATE: 2017-08

Journal Article
The national depositor preference law
A critical analysis of the probable effects of national depositor preference--a provision of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993--showing that although the FDIC may experience some cost savings in the short term, the long-term benefits are likely to be greatly diminished.
AUTHORS: Thomson, James B.
DATE: 1994-02

Journal Article
Stamp scrip: money people paid to use
Substitutes for government-issued money are produced and used from time to time even in countries like the United States. Understanding why people turn to these substitutes and to what degree they are successful?or not?can teach us a lot about the elements essential to a well-functioning currency.
AUTHORS: Champ, Bruce A.
DATE: 2008-04

Journal Article
Stock market fundamentals
An explanation of the primary factors driving stock market fundamentals and an examination of how well those factors explain--or fail to explain--current market trends.
AUTHORS: Haubrich, Joseph G.
DATE: 1997-01




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