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Series:Economic Commentary 

Journal Article
On the rotation of the earth, drunken sailors, and exchange rate policy

A growing number of observers seem to believe that official foreign exchange intervention offers a useful tool for managing the dollar?s descent. In particular situations, official transactions can sometimes produce temporary changes in exchange rates, but intervention does not permit countries to avoid or substantially modify trends in the movements of their exchange rates. At best, intervention is of very limited value.
Economic Commentary , Issue Feb

Journal Article
Medicare: usual and customary remedies will no longer work

A description of the structural deficiencies that have led to Medicare's impending bankruptcy, and a discussion of the merits of alternative approaches to extending the program's long-term viability. The author argues that the best approach is to adopt a "defined contribution" plan that will restore consumers' interest in economizing on health care services and boost competition among providers and insurers.
Economic Commentary , Issue Apr

Journal Article
Structural reform of the Social Security system: the time has come

An argument that any successful reform of the Social Security system must 1) result in more real investment, 2) restore individuals' incentives to work, and 3) reduce or eliminate the intergenerational redistribution that leads to low national saving.
Economic Commentary , Issue Feb

Journal Article
Unbalanced growth and the U.S. productivity slowdown

An explanation of the slower trend rate of U.S. productivity growth in the past two decades as a natural response to unbalanced growth, whereby resources are shifted from sectors with high productivity growth rates to those with lower rates, such as the rapidly expanding service sector.
Economic Commentary , Issue Jan

Journal Article
Subprime May Not Have Caused the 2000s Housing Crisis: Evidence from Cleveland, Ohio

During the 2000s housing bust, Cleveland’s Slavic Village was dubbed “ground zero of the foreclosure crisis” by the national media. Despite this, during the preceding housing boom Cleveland had stable house price growth and relatively low mortgage debt growth, a stark contrast to circumstances in areas such as California that had exceptionally high house price and mortgage debt growth. What explains the relatively minor housing boom and perceived sharp downturn in Cleveland? In this Commentary I show that while subprime debt was a prominent source of debt in Cleveland and especially in ...
Economic Commentary , Volume 2020 , Issue 25 , Pages 8

Journal Article
Price stability and regional diversity

An argument against using short-term monetary policy to alleviate regional economic shocks and an analysis of how regional economic diversity lends strength to the goal of price stability as the Federal Reserve System's sole monetary policy focus.
Economic Commentary , Issue May

Journal Article
Social Security: are we getting our money's worth?

An examination of Social Security from an individual investment perspective, showing that continued delays in addressing the program's shortcomings will only increase the intergenerational inequities that now exist.
Economic Commentary , Issue Jan

Journal Article
Trouble ahead for student loans?

The market for student loans may differ in some respects from other financial markets, but private lenders are the primary source of funds. As in other markets, the incentive to lend those funds comes from the ability to make a profit. But recent turmoil in financial markets is affecting all of the factors that contribute to the profitability of student loans, leading to speculation that the availability of such loans will fall.
Economic Commentary , Issue May

Journal Article
Methods of cash management

A description of cash management methods, covering collection, disbursement, and investment techniques. Topics include lock boxes, wire transfers, depository transfer checks, controlled disbursement, zero balancing, money-market instruments, and sweeping arrangements.
Economic Commentary , Issue Apr

Journal Article
Stock-market gyrations and investment

An analysis of the relationship between stock-market gyrations and business fixed investment, using the q theory (the ratio of the market value of financial liabilities to the replacement value of physical assets).
Economic Commentary , Issue Dec , Pages 1-4




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