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Series:Econ Focus 

Journal Article
Interview:Emi Nakamura

Emi Nakamura {{p}} Present Positions {{p}} Associate Professor of Business and Economics at Columbia University and Visiting Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology {{p}} Education {{p}} Ph.D. (2007), Harvard University; A.M. (2004), Harvard University; A.B. (2001), Princeton University {{p}} Selected Publications: {{p}} "Are Chinese Growth and Inflation Too Smooth? Evidence from Engel Curves," American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, forthcoming (with Jn Steinsson and Miao Liu); "Fiscal Stimulus in a Monetary Union: Evidence from U.S. Regions," American Economic ...
Econ Focus , Issue 3Q , Pages 26-30

Journal Article
The banking landscape in the Fifth district

Econ Focus , Volume 13 , Issue Win , Pages 36-37

Journal Article
District/state economic conditions

Econ Focus , Volume 10 , Issue Spr , Pages 48-55

Journal Article
Economic history: Harnessing the iron horse : Fifth district companies pioneered railroading in the United States

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Econ Focus , Volume 15 , Issue 2Q , Pages 36-38

Journal Article
Transportation and Commuting Patterns: A View from the Fifth District

The transportation system is a key component of the economic performance of regions. An important role of the urban transportation system is to facilitate commuting between homes and jobs. At the national level, in 2017 commutes represented on average about a quarter of all annual vehicle trips per household. (The shares of trips that were shopping trips, recreational and social trips, and other trips for personal and family reasons were all about the same.) Economists have more data on commuters and their commutes than is commonly realized ? and it's relevant to many economic questions.
Econ Focus , Issue 2Q-3Q , Pages 27-31

Journal Article
Tuition costs climb : but enrollment is still up

Econ Focus , Volume 7 , Issue Spr , Pages 8

Journal Article
Federal Reserve: How's business? : The role of the Beige Book in Fed policymaking

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Econ Focus , Volume 13 , Issue Sum , Pages 5-7

Journal Article
Opt in or opt out?

Econ Focus , Volume 11 , Issue Win , Pages 28-31

Journal Article
Shoppers for the long haul : the past, present and future of consumption

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Econ Focus , Volume 14 , Issue 1Q , Pages 17-19

Journal Article
Understanding Recent Trends in Labor Market Participation

District Digest: Understanding Recent Trends in Labor Market Participation
Econ Focus , Issue 4Q , Pages 28-31




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