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Series:Conference Series ; [Proceedings]  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Boston 

Conference Paper
Insurance of operational risk under the New Basel Capital Accord
AUTHORS: Sumi, Takayuki
DATE: 2001

Conference Paper
Tax reform and financial markets
AUTHORS: Hendershott, Patric H.
DATE: 1985

Conference Paper
The changing nature of debt and equity; a legal perspective
AUTHORS: Normandin, Charles P.
DATE: 1989

Conference Paper
The role of interest rates in Federal Reserve policymaking: discussion
AUTHORS: Duesenberry, James S.
DATE: 2000

Conference Paper
The changing nature of debt and equity; a financial perspective
AUTHORS: Allen, Franklin
DATE: 1989

Conference Paper
Seismic shifts: the economic impact of demographic change: foreword
AUTHORS: Minehan, Cathy E.
DATE: 2001

Conference Paper
An education support system
I think the conversation about system change rather than simply school change is beginning to increase in volume despite our culture's resistance to thinking about education in this way. I urge each of you to join this conversation about how we build a local infrastructure, not a school district necessarily, but a local infrastructure with the capacity to make our national education goals a reality rather than a hollow promise.
AUTHORS: Simmons, Warren
DATE: 2002

Conference Paper
Comments on \\"Understanding global imbalances\\"
In Australia, we debated the issue of sustainability of current account deficits extensively during the 1980s. A lot of the arguments that are being aired at the moment bear a striking similarity to the debate that occurred in Australia throughout the 1980s. Now, two decades on, by and large, the majority view of economists in Australia is very similar to that put forward in this excellent paper by Richard Cooper. Although it must be said that while most economists are relaxed about the current account, it still can engender a significant amount of fear amongst politicians and the public, almost the reverse of the situation in the US. The view reached in Australia is akin to the ?consenting adults? view of the Lawson doctrine, although it should be noted that this argument was made by John Pitchford and Max Corden quite some time before Lawson.
AUTHORS: Debelle, Guy
DATE: 2006




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