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Series:Community Investments  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 

Journal Article
Peer-to-peer lending and community development finance

The growth of the peer-to-peer lending industry has promising implications for innovations in the community development finance industry.
Community Investments , Volume 21 , Issue Win

Journal Article
Community Investments, Vol 25, Issue 1: Data Snapshot

Figures include: Average Housing and Transportation Costs vs. Incomes for Moderate-Income Households by Metro Area ; Average Renter Wage vs. Housing Wage ; Renters Paying More than 30% of Income on Housing by Metro Area.
Community Investments , Issue 01

Journal Article
Beyond shelter: investing in quality affordable housing

As the demand for affordable housing grows during these troubled economic times, investment and policy aimed at shoring up supply becomes increasingly important.
Community Investments , Volume 20 , Issue Win

Journal Article
Strengthening community development infrastructure: the opportunities and challenges of CDBG

Considerations should be made regarding how to improve the capacity of local governments and nonprofits using CDBG funds to carry out community development work.
Community Investments , Volume 20 , Issue Win

Journal Article
Social Impact Bonds: A Promising Tool for the Future of Permanent Supportive Housing

Housing practitioners are building on the pay-for-success model to fund housing and services for homeless and hardest-to-serve individuals.
Community Investments , Issue 01

Journal Article
Triple-bottom line investing: balancing financial, social and environmental returns

Community Investments , Volume 20 , Issue Sum

Journal Article
Nontraditional mortgage guidance

Community Investments , Volume 18 , Issue Dec

Journal Article
Community-based strategies for improving health and well-being

This article looks at two initiatives that are taking a local approach to interweave health promotion and community development efforts. These models utilize community-based strategies to improve health outcomes as well as educational, economic, and social outcomes. The first model is Elev8, a national initiative that integrates a range of health and social services into middle-school sites. The second is the Alameda County Public Health Department?s community based approach to addressing health inequities in low-income communities.
Community Investments , Volume 22 , Issue Fall

Journal Article
Encouraging entrepreneurship: a microenterprise development policy agenda

There are a number of opportunities for public policy to help microenterprise programs support emerging entrepreneurs as they contend with the current economic environment.
Community Investments , Volume 20 , Issue Win

Journal Article
Making the connection: transit-oriented development and jobs

Transit-oriented development (TOD) can serve the needs of working families?particularly those with low- and moderate-incomes?by linking workers to viable employment opportunities through strategically located affordable housing and accessible transit options. This article discusses the potential of economic development subsidies to support TOD and highlights ideas for communities seeking to link residents to good jobs through TOD. In addition, it presents examples of innovative TOD projects in Los Angeles, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Portland, OR; and Redmond, WA.
Community Investments , Volume 22 , Issue Summer




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